A race to raise awareness, a race to run for good cause

MADathon 2015 in Chennai

Run like crazy at the MADathon 2015 in Chennai to make a difference

One person can make a big difference. However, more than one person make bigger difference. We are talking about running events: running for good cause, running for charity, and running to raise awareness.

Run for a good cause in the MADathon 2015 in Chennai.

Experience that amazing feeling when you run knowing that it will help the necessitous children and will bring smiles into many lives. Get your friends, family members and neighbours involved in this event to run for the good cause. MADathon 2015 is to heighten awareness about the lives of those who are socially and economically backward.

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Your participation at the MADathon 2015 and donation for a worthy cause will help raise funds to get the underprivileged children, good lives. Would you not like to take part when you can help various socially and economically backward children? Running at MADathon 2015 is not just a matter of making a difference, it is also about raising an awareness to stay healthy and fit.

If you are one of them, who is fond of health and fitness, conscious to stay in shape, then MADathon is for you. It is one event that needs to be experienced. Imagine running at the crack of the dawn through the picturesque trail with a sea view, even as the sun is rising and bathing the Island Grounds with a warm golden glow.

 MADathon running events in Chennai

Yes! These imaginations are all real. You can experience the same at MADathon 2015 in Chennai which will take place on June 14 at the Island Grounds in Anna Salai. The running action commences at 4.30 a.m. and will continue until 9 in the morning. So, you need not worry about the summer and the heat.

MADathon 2015 running distances:

MADathon 2015 is a family-friendly event, which gives an opportunity to everyone to run in their comfort zone. It offers four distinct types of running events that include Half Marathon 21.1km, 10km, 5km and 3km. The half-marathon and 10km run are suitable for people who are above 18 years and 5km is suitable for people between 5 years to 18 years and women of all ages. People who are not a sportsperson, but still wants to run for the good cause can pick the 3km run.

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Every participant will receive a T-shirt, a running bib (no timing chip), and a refreshment box at the MADathon 2015 in Chennai. Also, a medal and a certificate will be awarded to those who finishes the trail. Your support is necessary. So, join in the MADathon 2015 and help in raising funds for the project. Hurry and register now at just 800 INR.


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