Five lessons to learn from the minions

Five lessons to learn from the minions about event management:

Set realistic goals:

Although it is natural to reach for the stars and wish a stupendous success of an event, it is natural for an event to be a middle-of-the-road one, if not a complete dud. So, set your expectations right and do not feel dejected if things do not go the way you actually wanted.

Five lessons to learn from the minions about event management

Explain the team about the goals and plan:

Explain your goals clearly to your team. Remember that “stealing the moon by first stealing a shrink ray” is possible, if you have a team that understands this goal. Remember how Gru and his despicable minions stole the shrink ray as part of their plan to steal the moon and pulled off the biggest heist of the century.

Never hesitate to experiment:

Stay updated about the recent technology and never hesitate to experiment with the process of organizing an event. Go ahead and take the road less traveled, you never know, that might make all the difference and set you apart from your competitors. One way to stay updated on event technology is to visit which is a pioneer in the field of event technology solutions.

Five lessons to learn from the minions about event management

Have fun:

Organizing an event should be a fun-filled learning experience. The minions being naturally mischievous, found ways to enjoy even while performing the most mundane of tasks and often came up with the most exciting solutions. So, have fun and let your team have their share of entertainment while organizing an event.

Listen to attendee concern and take action:

Feedback is the best way to access performance. So take constant feedback from delegates and your team and make amends wherever possible. Remember how Gru takes notice of all that is wrong with the team and works on fixing them rather than judging motives or accusing the minions?

When feedback is appreciated and welcome, channels of communication are open and the likeliness of a spectacular event being organized are high.

Five lessons to learn from the minions about event management

Follow these simple tips or lessons that the minions from Despicable Me have to teach us and have fun in the process of organizing the most flawless event.


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