The Corporate Happy hour!

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Hosting a corporate retreat takes a lot of effort and time, to say the least of all the hassles of the set up, all the way down to the food. While fun and games have shown positive effects on performance and team communication, you can’t get your team off the work three days a month. But your employees tend to be partial toward entertainment in any form.

A great alternative to this is the not-so-mundane Friday huddle, post working hours, or not, depending on you. No, not taking your team to a barbeque or Hard Rock, that’s just way to cliché.

Wait, what? Food treats became cliché?

Yes, and the in-house event planner is what this one’s about. You get to decide how much you’re willing to shell out, what kinds of stagnancy or boredom you want to kill, and you can make it all happen at a location near your office.

And here’s a rad idea on how to dance your way to a wowzer-Cosplay!

Corporate cosplay

Yes, you read that right.

Yikes! It does make people question the stability of one’s mind. But the corporate sectors are not like others. Hectic schedules, complex work, chasing deadlines and long hours make for a scary equation. You’ll need a breaker, not a breather!

The geek division needs to freak out too and they yearn for some care, where they are acknowledged to be more than mere work drones, people with cool personalities behind the day mask.

Minimal cosplay

You wouldn’t need to rent costumes, good grief no! But renting a bunch of pirate beards and lipsticks in different colours would be a great idea; it can be highlighted as a tension reliever, as employees can’t stay annoyed with one another when they’re in mandatory beards and blue lipstick.

Or you could try coloured wigs, or wraparound tutus. Or waist scarves that look like sumo wrestler undies. Or risque bunny ears or devil’s horns, with lightsabers for good measure. When it comes to these kinds of informal events, you’ll have to be creative or have a really ‘creative’ individual help out. Let’s face it, dog ear hair bands, light sabers and stick-on temp elf ears are not ideas that regular people can come up with.

Corporate cosplay

Hire an event manager, it’s totally worth it.

Full cosplay waiters and ushers

Okay, so this does seem a bit flashy, but what the heck, you live once, yeah? But when you think of cosplay hospitality, the general understanding is that this is done only at bachelor parties or private late night after parties. But they’re really not that sleazy. Like, for example, caterers in animal suits or joker-themed face masks, and ushers with magic wands and sorting hats.

Corporate cosplay

Most event companies have a lot of idea sets or dress-up themes readily available, but they do accommodate client requests too, if you have a plan.

Hazmat or latex suits

The odd ball, but who says you can’t play paintball indoors? Or play Holi and look like you haven’t! They’re pretty cheap, and they make for an easy way to stay clean and still have fun for 20-odd minutes. They can be worn over your clothing. You can have food fights or mud fights even (lol)!

Corporate cisplay

Obstacle courses are an option if you do want to go outdoors for a bit.

These sorts of freestyle events, so to speak, don’t have to take up more than an hour or two, if you want to actively include them as a work special. Alternately, they’re fun enough to while away the evening with. You’d be surprised how well these sly icebreakers work at formal slideshow presentations or conferences too.

Current day event management groups tend to be the most efficient when it comes to setting these things up. Since they know the ropes, you won’t have to go scrounging around for stuff. Generally, when you try this without pro, you’ll end up stretching things out, so they help with keeping things short and sweet.  MeraEvents can help you host such tête-à-têtes with aplomb. And in the end, it does come down to how you want to have your hour of fun.

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