Seven gifts you should never give

Seven gifts you should never give in a wedding:

With wedding bells ringing everywhere, you might be under the pressure to buy gifts for all the weddings you need to attend. To begin with there is essentially no need to gift the newlyweds, if you are attending the ceremony as your presence, time, and wishes are the best gifts you could give them. However, if you wish to gift something here is a guide to the gifts you better avoid.


Seven gifts you should never give

This is something you should never ever do for two reasons. One: there is no correct amount to give and two: it simply means that you didn’t wish to spend the time picking a gift.


Seven gifts you should never give

The most cliched gift for a wedding or any other occasion is a clock. Many traditions view gifting a clock as a bad omen as clocks are seen as being symbolic of time running out. Therefore, it is perceived by many as a journey towards the end of relationships and life, so never ever gift a clock.

Honeymoon package:

Seven gifts you should never give

Let the couple take the decision about their first vacation together. Never ever gift a honeymoon package, as the couple will love to explore the destination at their will rather than that being forced on them to follow.


Seven gifts you should never give

The least favorable gift to give will be a bouquet of flowers. Flowers do not last long and the couple will be welcomed into the room with a stench from trash moldy fruits or dead flowers the morning after the wedding.

Art work:

Seven gifts you should never give
Not everyone has a sense and taste for art, something that one person perceives as an out-of-the-world kind of painting might seem absurd to another. So never ever have this on the gift list, unless the recipient of the gift share the same choice of art with you.


Seven gifts you should never give

Wedding is the celebration of two individuals starting a journey together, so make sure you do not gift something that may only suit half of the couple. Accessories, clothes, jewelry, etc., are best avoided. Instead, try to pick a gift that symbolizes unity and brings the couple together.

Gifting idols:

Seven gifts you should never give

Never club religion and gifting. Although a popular practice, this is among the least desired gifts for the fact that there is a likeliness of the clash of ideologies and your gift might not be taken in the most positive stride. Gifts need to be creative and religious gifts show the lack of effort in picking up the perfect gift.

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