Leadership entails management skills

Management 3.0 by Innovation Roots

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One must be prepared to go it alone to lead others. Because, the leader will always be alone to handle a team. Leadership at a workplace is all about management skills. Without the skills of management, one cannot make tough decisions and lead the team.


If you are facing a hitch on your way in managing an organization, a team or yourself, here is a solution. Innovation Roots is organizing an effective and leading Management 3.0 event in Delhi..

Innovation Roots is a training-based institution which provides diverse methodologies for agile software development and solutions for product development through interactive training, coaching and mentoring. You will get value-driven approach to learn skills and techniques in your respective fields through Management 3.0.

Innovation Roots

It is a two-day management workshop targeted at those who are focused on improving their approach of management. With an attempt to help the organizations grow and rejig into a wonderful place to work, Management 3.0 workshop encompasses something for every targeted audience.

No matter whether you are a leader, manager, a knowledge worker who want to become agile, or a stakeholder involved in leadership and management, when working under an organization, you need to perform at the highest level. Management 3.0 is a great inspiration that will help them to be groundbreaking with higher productivity.

Management Event 3.0 in Delhi

Particularly, the course is preferable for the top-level management, coaches, project managers, developers, scrum masters, team leaders, development managers, testers and product owners, who can make an efficacious change in their respective organizations. The Management 3.0 course is a combination of a couple of superlative management books and a collection of concrete practices, and is a fantastic guidance for people who face the challenges to maintain employee engagement and team collaboration in an organization.

To take part in this workshop, you just need to register and head to Management 3.0 event in Delhi on June 11 and 12, 2015, which will take place from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Hurry and register now. Don’t miss out from the chance to become an early bird. For more information, click Management 3.0 to visit our website.

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