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Seven gifts you should never give


Seven gifts you should never give in a wedding: With wedding bells ringing everywhere, you might be under the pressure to buy gifts for all the weddings you need to attend. To begin with there is essentially no need to gift the newlyweds, if you are attending the ceremony as...

Ankit Tiwari

For the love of Tiwari


  Dil Darbadar, Jhatak Ke Nacho; Aag Ka Dariya, Sheeshe Ka Samundar Boond Boond, Bheegh Loon; Falsafa Mera Falsafa, Kaisa Hai Dard Mera, Tu Hai Ke Nahin Tu Jo Hai, Aalif Se, Sunn Raha Hai, Saheb Bada Hatila!     Okay, so, she is your absolute dreamgirl, sweet and innocent....

Management 3.0 by Innovation Roots

Leadership entails management skills


Sign up for the Management 3.0 event in Delhi and unlock your competitive challenges through employee engagement in the workplace One must be prepared to go it alone to lead others. Because, the leader will always be alone to handle a team. Leadership at a workplace is all about management...