Sangeet, the ceremony of fun, music and dance

Innovative ideas to make your Sangeet ceremony memorable

Sangeet is the ceremony of fun, music, and dance. It is one of the most happening and enjoyable pre- wedding ritual. Previously, the Sangeet ceremony and party used to be organized only by the bride’s family and was confined to the women folk. But now with changing times, it is observed by the groom’s family, as well. The ritual of Sangeet is now part of every wedding, unlike earlier times, where the celebrations were confined only to the North Indian families.

A lot of preparations are put in place to make this evening a special one. Long hours of dance practice, coordination of steps with family and friends goes into making the evening memorable. However, the most important aspect is the selection of right and great songs that will entertain your guests. Commonly preferred genres are Indie pop, Bhangra, medleys, and other popular Hindi film scores.


Sometimes DJs and choreographers are hired to make the occasion more lively. The idea of having a great time while organizing the dance show remains the same, although there has been a change in the choice of songs over the years with Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan taking over Didi Tera Devar Deewana. With friends and family grooving to the amazing desi beats at the Sangeet ceremony, the night is bound to be electrifying.

sangeet ceremony

Here are few ideas for making your Sangeet all the more splendid and an affair to remember.

1. Determining accurate budget for the ceremony

Sangeet ceremony can be an expensive event. The amount spent varies from community to community. At least a few lakhs or more amount is spent on Sangeet. If you want to just include close family members, then plan accordingly for a low-key affair.

Innovative Ideas to make your Sangeet ceremony memorable

2. Making a guest list for the ceremony

Making a guest list will give you the idea and estimation of the number of invitation cards that needs to be sent to the guests and also the venue that will be suitable for the ceremony. As it is going to be a big event including guests being invited from both the bride’s and groom’s family, organizing the ceremony at open lawns will be a better option.

guest list for the ceremony

3. Choosing right venue for the ceremony

While choosing the venue for the Sangeet, it’s important to keep in mind the convenience of family and friends of both the bride and the groom. Beforehand, adequate arrangements for appetizers, dinner, and drinks should be made. Open lawns are a good option for a gathering like Sangeet. Otherwise, you can choose an outdoor venue for setting up stages for the dance programs.

right venue for sangeet ceremony

4. Sending out invitations for the ceremony

Make the invitation cards ready for the Sangeet ceremony. Usually, the Sangeet ceremony invitation card goes along with the wedding card. Try coordinating with the person or wedding planner who is responsible for sending the invitation cards and give them the list of invitees who should get the cards for attending the Sangeet.

invitations for sangeet ceremony

5. Making arrangements at the venue for the ceremony

If you arranging the Sangeet ceremony in any banquet hall/open lawn, you need to consult the facilities manager at the venue and find out about various inclusions and the list of things that are included in the party package. Check out if the banquet hall/open lawns has any confined area where the dance and Sangeet ceremony can be performed. If not, try setting up a dance floor or stage and decorate the venue.

Making arrangements at the venue for sangeet ceremony

6. Finalizing menu for the ceremony

Speak to your family members and friends and take their opinion for the menu. You can even discuss with your preferred caterer about the items that should be included and finalize the menu. Try to include items that’s appealing for this event.

Finalising menu for sangeet ceremony

7. Hiring choreographers for the ceremony

You don’t need to perform professionally at the Sangeet. But its a good choice to hire a good choreographer as they know how to extract the talent from you and puts in that extra effort to make your Sangeet a grand success. So, consult the choreographer, discuss about the performances, and take suggestions for organizing the event effectively.

Hiring choreographers for sangeet ceremony

8. Deciding the performers for the ceremony

Start planning for the Sangeet ceremony at least a month in advance. Make a list of all those who will be performing in the ceremony.

 Deciding the performers for sangeet ceremony

9. Choosing songs aptly for the ceremony

Choose the songs aptly to suit the occasion. The songs can be either very romantic or aimed to tease and make fun of the to-be-weds. Don’t choose songs that might not go well with the guests and people present.

Choosing songs aptly for sangeet

10. Dividing time judiciously for the ceremony

For every performance in the ceremony, between the bride’s and groom’s family, divide the time judiciously. Make sure everyone gets a chance to perform and none of them are left out.

Dividing time judiciously

11. Hiring a DJ for the ceremony

To make your Sangeet ceremony happening, you can hire a DJ to perform at the event. The DJ must be booked well-in-advance, at least 3 to 4 months before, so that you don’t have to face any last minute hassles. And these days its mandatory to have a DJ. Use the music system available at the venue and try your DJing skills on the console. If you can’t find one, you have to go with your home music system. Make sure you take permission from the local police station to avoid any troubles.

Hiring a DJ for sangeet ceremony

12. Hiring an anchor for the ceremony

It’s great to hire an anchor for the Sangeet ceremony. You can always avoid, if it exceeds your budget.

Hiring an anchor for the ceremony

13. Reconfirming all arrangements for the ceremony

Reconfirm all the arrangements well in advance. At least a few days before the ceremony, contact the facilities manager of the venue to make sure the arrangements are done accordingly. Once this part is done, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the Sangeet ceremony to the fullest. You can join your family members, bring in the festivities, sing, dance, and rejoice all night bringing an auspicious beginning to the wedding rituals.

Reconfirming all arrangements for sangeet

14. The ceremony must be sweet and short

The Sangeet ceremony is a grand event. But, remember, however entertaining and grand an event is, it has to end. So, keep it short and sweet. Make sure it does not last for more than an hour, at the max, you can stretch it to make it a 90 minutes program. Otherwise, people will blasé.

Sangeet ceremony must be sweet and short

15. Folk song and music in the ceremony

Folk music and traditional songs were integral part of Sangeet before the arrival of all the electronic music devices. But today’s generation is captivated by DJs and their peppy songs. Try to arrange a performance by folk artistes which will bring out the true spirit of Sangeet and give your guests the best of both the worlds.

Folk song and music in sangeet ceremony

Sangeet represents the true color and spirit of Indian weddings, with lots of cultural events associated with it. So, implement some of the above ideas to have a night to remember before your wedding.

Preeti Panna Mishra

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