Learn to turbocharge your career with LinkedIn

Learn to turbocharge your career with LinkedIn

A workshop on leveraging LinkedIn to turbocharge your career:

In the age of globalization, where everything from grocery shopping to learning happens on the world wide web, the headhunters are not far behind. Most organizations have moved beyond the job listing portals and have entered the social networking world to find the right candidate for a job.

If you thought that your Linkedin profile was like the one on any other social interaction platform, chances are that you are grossly mistaken.Profiles on other social media platforms only give details of some personal and professional information that you do not use much.

Turbocharge your career with LinkedIn

However, here is a workshop that will teach you the way to leveraging Linkedin to turbocharge your career.Linkedin is the new place where recruiters search for potential employees, as it provides them with the database of all industry players. LinkedIn profiles are easily searchable and comparable and are more accurate than resumes.

Candidates do lie through their teeth on their resumes, but this is not possible on their Linkedin profile as it has many “connections” from people who have worked for the same organization, or belong to the same school.

From a job seeker’s perspective, Linkedin is all the more helpful as it has features like recommendations that will open new doors for scaling new heights. So, here is an opportunity for all the professionals with over eight years of experience in any industry to bring a multi-fold change in their career.

Attend Turbocharge your career LinkedIn workshop and learn the ways of finding your dream job in the era of internet.

Turbocharge your career with LinkedIn

What does Turbocharge your career LinkedIn workshop offer?

The workshop will focus on topics like:

1) ‘Career as an Asset’ – An interactive discussion that will help professionals understand the ways in which globalization has impacted businesses.

2) Taking inventory of New Skills: The past few years have seen a paradigm shift in the expectations from a professional even within the same role. This workshop focuses on the need for a professional to handle multiple tasks with ease.

3) Sharpen your USP: Building a brand equity for yourself and honing your skills and proficiency in what you do is another aspect of training you will receive at this workshop.

Turbocharge your career with LinkedIn

How will you benefit?

Attendees walk out with an enhanced Linkedin profile, a key to your promising career growth.

Building and nurturing a professional network.

Learning how to engage and influence decision-makers.

The participants get a chance to have a one-on-one interaction with trainer Achyut Menon within 30 days of the workshop to review/refresh their career plan.

They also get access to a focused community with updated discussions on Linkedin/google groups. A chance to grow and learn with other peers.

About the Facilitator:

Achyut Menon is the CEO of Options Executive Search Pvt Ltd. He was ranked as one of India’s Top 20 Most Influential People in Human Resources by SHRM India on Social Media in Aug 2013. Achyut Menon has helped over a hundred Indian professionals in the past decade who were employed abroad, but desirous of relocating to India, to find the right opportunities matching their competency and aspirations.

Achyut Menon speaker at Turbocharge YOUR Career

He has also helped several startups (like large MNCs, Indian, venture capital funded portfolio companies and others) in identifying their core team to kick start off and drive their businesses in India.

So, come and explore your world of opportunities and possibilities of getting recruited for your dream job. All you have to do is to register yourself now for Achyut Menon’s workshop Turbocharge your career with LinkedIn, which will be organized at the Ebony Boutique Hotel, Road Number. 2, Banjara Hills on May 16, 2015 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Registrations for the program are available in various categories, which are as follows:

Early Adopter Registrations                                  4500 INR
* Exclusive of Service Tax 12.36%
(Available for the first 3 registrations)

Early Bird registrations                                          5000 INR
* Exclusive of Service Tax 12.36%
(For the next FIVE registrations)
Last Date: 03-05-2015

Regular Registrations 5500 INR
Start Date: 03-05-2015

On the spot registrations 6500 INR
Start Date: 15-05-2015

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