Celebrate music with captivating and mesmerizing duo Hari and Sukhmani

Kingfisher Ultra Nights with HARI SUKHMANI at BlueFrog Pune

Kingfisher presents Ultra Nights with Hari and Sukhmani at BlueFrog, Pune on May 6, 2015

There’s no celebration without music? Isn’t it? We’d say it’s pretty dull! And this time Kingfisher presentsUltra Nights that brings you the next big thing on the Folktronica/Fusion/Asian underground/Electronica scene.

Kingfisher presents Ultra Nights, an urban desi night with folktronica music. Lights! Camera! Check! Sound!Check! With flashlights and eyes on the stage. A mesmerizing and captivating voice is about to break the silence. Whose voice is it? And who are they?

Have you ever experienced Punjabi folk music with a funky twist? We’re pretty sure a lot of us don’t even need their introduction, but for the rest, here it goes. One band and two individuals who are singers, song writers and producers. They are none other than Hari and Sukhmani, the mesmerizing musical duo, hailing from the beautiful city of Chandigarh. They are back in town, for their first gig of the season. Get ready to groove and dance to the tunes of Hari and Sukhmani performing live on May 6, 2015 at Bluefrog, Pune from 9:00 pm – 1:00 am.

Hari and Sukhmani at BlueFrog, Pune

Hari and Sukhmani are known for their electronic folk music worldwide. They have been creating fresh and eclectic sound all over, fusing the traditional Punjabi folk music with ambient electronica, inspired by some of the famous Sufi poets like Baba Farid, Bulleh Shah, Kabir and Shah Hussain. The duo’s songs lace together the captivating and mesmerizing sounds of Punjabi folk, Sufi and Hindustani classical with electronic beats.

an urban desi night with folktronica music

Sukhmani Malik is a trained Hindustani classical vocalist and performer from the Rampur Gharana. The word Sukhmani means Peace in your mind and her character-packed voice doesn’t fail to strike the right note of the audience.

Kingfisher presents Ultra Nights with Hari and Sukhmani

Hari Singh Jaaj is a vocalist, multifaceted producer and audio engineer. He has unique electronic skills that are tuned finely to appease the ear and grabs the hearts of the audience.

traditional punjabi folk music with ambient electronica

Hari and Sukhmani have been globetrotters as a band since December 2008. The band’s regular appearances on various Radio broadcasts and TV shows have made them very popular among diverse audience. They have featured on BBC Radio UK, and shows such as Star World’s The Dewarists, Fox Traveller’s Sound Trek, Tehelka Music Project and Coke Studio @ MTV. The band have been receiving unprecedented response and is in constant demand for various public, private and corporate performances across India.

Kingfisher presents Ultra Nights with Hari and Sukhmani

Hari and Sukhmani have become an integral and important part of India’s Indie music community. The duo’s collaboration with renowned artistes like Arshad Khan (Israj Player), Noori (Pakistan), Trilok Gurtu (Percussionist), Thu Le (Vietnam, Western guitarist), Fakhruddin Ghaffari (Iran, Percussionist) and Earth stage (Indian Jazz Band) have allowed their music to transcend across various genres, platforms, audience and even borders. Their gigs are no less than a treat for the soul.

Hari and Sukhmani live show

This duo makes the crowd spin in an eclectic web of music and discernable in their contemporary take on traditional folk songs from the heart of Punjab. Their soul-stirring melody have captured hearts of many, and transcended all boundaries.

This young, vibrant, dynamic and ambitious duo aims at making music speak the soul, reverberating and resonating with generation. Their motto lies in leaving behind cultural, religious, and racial divides. Hari and Sukhmani wants to take Punjabi folk music to yet another level, from the yester-years into the near future, from New Delhi to New York.

electronic folk music

This grand musical event promises to be a cracking and unforgettable visual treat, integrated with lights of huge sets. Are you ready to dance, sing and rejuvenate yourself to the most awaited musical event of the year? Rejoice and celebrate the festival of electronic folk music with your loved ones.

What are you waiting for? Get your passes booked now at www.meraevents.com and be a part of this amazing revelry around. Come, join and experience Hari and Sukhmani’s unbelievable musical journey on May 6 at Bluefrog, Pune from 9:00 pm – 1:00 am.

Preeti Panna Mishra

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