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Josh Talks, Bangalore

Josh Talks, Bangalore brings you India’s most inspiring stories on May 9, 2015 at My Fortune Hotel, Richmond Road

Life is not a bed of roses. Are you tired of leading a mundane life? Are you bored and sick of staring at your computer screen every single minute? Are you ready to take the next big step finally?

There comes a time in every single person’s life when they just want to get rid of the emptiness and boredom of doing nothing. They are ready to face the challenges, make necessary changes, take positive steps and amend ways to make their life better, but they don’t know how to do it.

Inspirational stories

Is there any solution to deal with these problems? What if you had someone just to talk to you, who had excelled and reached greater heights in the area of your interest? What if that person simply shared his/her story with you, shared his/her pain, sufferings, struggle, happiness with you and even celebrated his/her success with you? Will you be able to connect and gain something from such an experience?

Josh Talks is one such unique platform that showcases India’s most inspiring stories for you. It’s a platform where stories and people from different corners of India come together to change perceptions, attitudes and thoughts. People from diverse backgrounds of sport, art, culture, entrepreneurship, stand-up comedy, space exploration, social activism, etc. share their experiences.

Josh Talks

The main idea behind it is to shed light on one’s journey through struggle and hardship, happiness they felt, innovation they made, laurels they won, rejection they faced, trauma they went through, pain they suffered and the obstacles they overcame to reach their ultimate goal of success.

And with over 1.2 billion people in a country like India, how many such voices are actually heard? Amid existing bureaucracy, chaos of life and herd mentality, there are many such stories that go untold and people who remain unknown.

India is a storehouse of accomplishments, achievements, and spectacles that are never seen before such as climbing Mt Everest with one leg, building an artificial glacier, and running a multi-billion dollar company. Josh Talks provides a stage that goes way beyond monologue and invokes meaningful conversations. Josh Talks aims at encouraging you, motivating you, moving you and inspiring you.

Josh Talks, Bangalore

The stage is all set. One entire day with 8 inspiring stories and infinite thoughts. What more can you ask for? At Josh Talks, Bangalore, all the 8 stalwarts will share their amazing and incredible life stories with you. Do you really think it is possible to live or breathe even a moment of someone else’s life? On this platform, Soniya, an acid-attack survivor, had spoken about her experience of dealing with her burns at an earlier show organised by Josh Talks in Gurgaon. She shared her inspiring story.

Josh Talks will be featuring renowned speakers like Shradha Sharma – Founder, YourStory, Mallathi Krishnamurthy – Para-athlete, Dr. Benny Prasad – Instrumental Guitarist, Tushar Vashisht – Tech Entrepreneur, Vineeth Vincent – Beatboxer , Sijo Koruvilla – Founder, Start-Up Village, Revanna Umadevi – Typist and World’s Womens Billiards Champion and Shreena Thakore – Founder, No Country for Women, who will be sharing their life changing experiences with you.

Josh Talks on May 9, 2015 at My Fortune Hotel, Richmond Road, Bangalore

What more do you need to motivate yourself to block your seat at the Josh Talks session. Hurry up and book your tickets right away. The event is open for people of all age groups. The General Admission ticket price is Rs 500 and for student entry, the ticket price is a discounted Rs 350.

Make your weekend inspiring and thought-provoking with Josh Talks on May 9, 2015 at My Fortune Hotel, Richmond Road, Bangalore from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm. So, come down with your friends, family members and be a part of this amazing event. Listen, introspect and learn from people who have made a difference through their indomitable spirit and their never-say-die-attitude.

Preeti Panna Mishra

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