Two peas in a pod theme birthday party ideas for twins

Two peas in a pod theme birthday party for twins

Are you blessed with twins? Then, host two peas in a pod theme party on their birthday

Double the celebration, don’t double the work, if you are planning for a theme birthday party for your cute little twins. Choose two peas in a pod as your theme for the birthday party. Just as the two peas in a pod, your twin little babies were born as god’s gifts. What else can be a bigger theme than their lives as the two peas in a pod theme. Throw a mind-blowing theme party on their birthday.

Two Peas in a pod

Twin party means twice the guests. A perfect birthday party includes invitations, decorations, games, activities, food and party favours, etc. You can plan the birthday party within your budget, and the ideas that can be implemented in it.

Let’s take a look at the tips and ideas on hosting two peas in a pod theme birthday party for the twins.

1. Personalized invitations are good

Personalize your invitation card according to the theme and include your twins names with all the party details. Keep your words right to create a fun invitation. You can adorn the cards by placing their hand prints or pictures on the front.

peas in a pod

Fill-in-the-blanks invitation cards are also ideal for which you can have your twins to fill the information, if they are old enough to write. Design the invites into a shape that can fit inside a cute little pea seed packet.

2. Costumes or dress code

Birthday Party tips

All twins wear same clothes. Continue the fashion as well as theme of two peas in a pod and dress them in green with the most attractive birthday dresses for your two peas.

3.  Decoration needs shades of green

Since the birthday party is based on two peas in a pod, which means green and all green. You can decorate the venue with green and contrast with some light colour like white, light green, pink, etc. Instead of balloons you can use paper garlands with birthday wishes written on it. Else you can even use regular balloons in two different shades – light green and dark green on the walls and paper garlands on the top to decorate the party place. You can even decorate the place with green plants all around.

Decoration Tips for Birthday party
Above all, tableware is one important decoration that can’t be ignored. Decorating the tableware includes a white table cloth, green flatware, and plates, cups, napkins, bowls, spoons in green, pink and white combination.

4. Birthday party games and activities

Whether it’s a kid’s birthday or an adult’s birthday party, fun-filled party games make the event thrilling, enjoyable and lively. Everyone gets to involve and enjoy the celebration.

Games and activities

There are lot many games among which we have selected some of the popular games for the party that will suit the theme two peas in a pod such as “Carnival games (circus atmosphere)”, “Face paintings (paint your guest’s face)”, “Hidden peas (a treasure hunt for your kids and guests to find peas in the lawn or the party area)”, “Jungle Bingo (instead of calling out the numbers, call out the names of jungle animals)”, “Peas in a pod toss (set up several baskets or buckets, one behind the other than the players need to throw the peas into an order)”, etc.

5. Twin party food ideas

Twins birthday party

Let your kids and guests have fun at the birthday celebration of your twins with some fun party themed appetizers. Few food items and appetizers that will suit the theme are double trouble dessert, double-decker sandwich, double chocolate chip cookies, two peas in a pod cupcake, boiled peas with salt and pepper, double layered jello cups, lemon cupcakes with a topping of cream in the shape of two peas in a pod, fruit salad of green grapes, kiwi, and everything in green.

Cakes and cupcakes

Whatever you serve in the party, make a twin platter and two options for each dish.

No, we didn’t forget about the cake at all. You can personalize the cake having pictures of the twins on top of the cake. You can even use a green double-decker cake, which will have topping of two babies or peas in a pod. Else, just get a simple cake with the same topping.

6. Themed birthday return gifts

Party favours

What can be given as party favour on two peas in a pod theme? The best option is to give away two peas in a pod salt and pepper shakers. Plastic storage boxes, disco glasses, cookies, a package of pea seeds are few more ideas that you can give your guests as party favours. Pack the return gifts in green goody bags.

If you want to leave a lasting impression on your guests and have a memorable birthday party for your kids, throw two peas in a pod birthday theme party for the twins with our fun ideas.

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