Improve your fitness at TAD 2015 (Triathlon, Aquathlon, Duathlon)

Fit I AM presents TAD 2015 (Triathlon Aquathlon Duathlon)

Fit I am presents TAD 2015 (Triathlon, Aquathlon, Duathlon) in Bengaluru on June 28, 2015

“Good things come to those who sweat.” – Anonymous

Are you a fitness seeker? How fit are you?

Fitness is as important as breathing to stay healthy and lively. Fitness is health, fitness is well-being, fitness is discipline! So, get fit, not skinny.

Fit I Am

With an excellent opportunity to boost your fitness and health, Fit I am is organizing TAD 2015 in Bangalore. TAD 2015, a combination of Triathlon, Aquathlon, Duathlon will happen on June 28, 2015 at DPS Bangalore East, Sarjapur in Bengaluru. It is an outstanding platform, intended at bringing various communities together from running, swimming and cycling at the TAD 2015.

So, Bangaloreans! Are you ready to compete and have fun at TAD 2015?

Exercises and regular activities restrain the rise of obesity. Early hours of the day are meant for physical exercises, and running at dawn is certainly the best time. If you have got the flexibility of running, swimming and cycling at the dawn, get ready for the TAD 2015 event as it will start at 6:30 in the morning. It is designed to maximize fun and spirit of competition.

I am Fit

Even if you don’t want to compete, you can experience the thrill through the trail of DPS Bangalore East with other fitness enthusiasts. Through TAD 2015, Fit I am seeks to promote fitness and encourage the participants to take part in the functional training that comes with lots of fun. Yes, lots of fun and recreation has also been scheduled to take place at TAD 2015 such as street games and other activities.

TAD 2015

TAD 2015 has various options of race distances and formats such as:

Triathlon competitive : Swim 200 meters – Cycle 10km – Run 5km
Maja Tri : Swim 50 meters – Cycle 5km – Run 2.5km
Aquathlon : Swim 50 meters. – Run 2.5 km
Duathlon : Cycle 10 km – Run 5km

swimming running cycling

Don’t miss out from registering yourself as early bird for the event TAD 2015 (Triathlon, Aquathlon, Duathlon). Pick your race format and register now!

Preeti Sahu

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