Skill camps 2015, hands-on activity to let your child go in for

Skill camps 2015, hands-on activity to let your child go in for

Build your child’s essential skills with the most exciting summer camp in Hyderabad at Skill camps 2015

During the torrid summer, attending a bosting skill camp is a great way to let your children enjoy, get some fresh air, learn necessary skills, and make valuable friendships. With collaborative and experiential learning methodologies, Skill camps 2015 is bringing hands-on training programs for your children.

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Skill camps are full of energy and transformative, designed by internationally-reputed experts. It  teaches children about all the necessary skills through fun and systematic practice sessions. “Practice makes a man perfect”. So, let your child take part in the Skill camps 2015 in Hyderabad.

Are you still thinking? What are you waiting for? Don’t let your child miss out from this interactive and one-of-its-kind summer skill camp in Hyderabad.

Skill camps 2015

Skill camps 2015 is a two-week-long program for students from classes sixth to tenth. It will take place in Hyderabad from May 8 to May 22, 2015 in various locations. Through hands-on activities, based on well-researched Rapid Skill Acquisition Model (RSAM), the fortnight-long training program will execute three models with camp 1, camp 2 and camp 3.

Have a look at the three models and decide which skill camp is suitable for your child.

Camp 1 : Expressibility – Express + Ability

A positive impression is all about how you communicate. The communication skill is not merely limited to good grammar, right speech and knowing the exact meaning of the words. Including these, good communication also requires a host of abilities like the right gesture, facial expression, tone of voice, body language and how to carry forward a conversation effectively.

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If you think or feel that your child needs to improve communication skills or the ability to express then this is the best choice. Expressibility will help build your child’s communication skills.

Camp 2 : Mathability – Math + Ability

Math is not just numbers, it is Mathematics. It is also known as “the abstract science of number, quantity and space.” Does your child possess good problem-solving skills? If you have any doubt, then get them attend the Mathability skill camp in Hyderabad.

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The best way children can learn the problem-solving skills and techniques is through such hands-on activities. Mathability can make your child a genius in problem-solving skills, aside from providing fun.

Camp 3 : Discoverability – Discover + Ability

It is all about creativity! How creative or innovative your child is? Creativity and innovation is not about what is created, it is about how of “what is discovered”. Discovering something opens up the way of thinking process from what has been learnt.

Skill Camps in Hyderabad

Children are amazing in creating and discovering things as they easily make connections from the patterns they see. To enhance the ability of innovative mindset, let your child go in for the Discoverability skill camp.

This fortnight summer camp in Hyderabad has around 10 locations across the city that includes Abids, Ameerpet, Bowenpally, Dilsukh Nagar/L.B.Nagar, Habsiguda, Kukatpally and Secunderabad. Course fee for the skill camp of Expressability, Mathability and Discoverability includes 5500 INR each (60 hr High Quality Training + Skill Kit).

Mark your calendar and let your child grasp the skills and techniques to become a genius.

*If you are looking for any other neighbourhood locations for skill camps in Hyderabad, please call on 08687882222.

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