Five grooming tips for the groom

Grooming tips for the groom

Five grooming tips for the groom to look like a prince charming on your wedding day:

Wedding preparations and grooming tips are always focused on the bride. However, it is an accepted fact that men too need grooming for their big day. Standing tall like a prince charming with the most flawless looks is what every young man aspires to be. Here are a few tips that you can follow to make her heart skip a beat on your wedding day.


Try to be in shape by making an effort to get rid of that excess belly fat, at least six months before the day you are to walk down the aisle. With all the delicacies you would be forced to eat there is every possibility that you might add a few Kgs to your weight. So, plan ahead and stay fit.

Grooming tips for the groom

However, make sure you take the guidance of a professional and do not overdo anything. Body toning isn’t something that can be achieved overnight. Crash diet and vigorous weight loss training would help you get in shape in about 10 weeks. But make sure you take many supplementary diet like fruits and juices.

Groom your hands and feet:

Men are often guilty of ignoring the hygiene of their hands and feet. So get started with this and pay a visit to a parlour if you are not comfortable with an at-home manicure and pedicure.

Groom your hands and feet before the wedding

Ingrown nails and calluses are big turn-offs and so are unshapely and dirty nails, so fix these. For manicure and pedicure at home, all you need are basic materials like a tub of lukewarm water, pumice stone, nail file, and a moisturiser.


Five grooming tips for the groom

Get a facial at least a week before your wedding day. Also scrub and use other homemade face packs at regular intervals to keep the glow intact on the day you get hitched. Better have the facial done once a month for three months, if you know your wedding day at least three months before the actual date.

Dark circles:

Grooming tips for the groom

Don’t let your stress take a toll and leave you with dark circles around the eyes. Sleep well and apply a cucumber pack every night to your eyes. Tea bags or under-eye creams can also be used to soothe the eyes.

Treat pimples and other skin problems:

Grooming tips for the groom


Men are also prone to skin problems, acne, and pimples, and it is important to fix these well in advance. Dark spots, dry skin, tanning, and uneven skin tone, everything leaves an unpleasant impression about your personal hygiene. So, address these by opting for treatment so that you look like a prince charming ready to steal the heart of your belle.

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