Five etiquettes for the hosts

Five etiquettes for the hosts to follow at the wedding

Five etiquettes for the hosts to follow at the wedding:

It is your daughter’s wedding and you have taken care of every minute detail and have made arrangements for everything that the groom’s family might need. But, do things really end there?

What are the basic etiquettes for the hosts to follow?

Five etiquettes for the hosts to follow at the wedding

Add a personal touch to your invite. Never send the invite via electronic mail or snail mail without making a call to the guest and extending a hearty oral invite. If your guests are in the same town/city you are in, apologize for not being able to visit in person to extend the invitation and make it a point to inform them that their presence at the wedding is important.

Welcome guests at the door:

Although you have hired reception staff, it is basic courtesy to ensure a family member is around to welcome the guests and usher them in with a smile. This isn’t just adding a personal touch, but also makes the guest feel welcome.

Five etiquettes for the hosts

Not convinced? Well, think about a time when you had to walk into a party of people you do not know and had to search for familiar faces around, so that you know where to head to. Your guests have allocated some time from their life for you so make sure you pay it back with your attention and welcome them in person.

Usher them to their room:

If your guests have graced the venue much before the event time, usher them to the room allotted to them so that they can get ready for the wedding at the right time. If they are to stay overnight, make sure that the room has all the basic amenities in place.

Five etiquettes for the hosts

Make sure someone from your family is available to attend on the guests at all times.


Make sure you have a proper headcount of the guests who will attend the wedding and ensure there is sufficient food available. Shortage of food is the most embarrassing and unpleasant thing to happen in any event. So, make sure all dishes are available and nothing is exhausted until they are served to all the guests.

Five etiquettes for the hosts

However, care must be taken to ensure that wastage is kept at the barest minimum. Instead of throwing away the leftovers, the same can be donated to an old-age home or the needy.

Return Gifts:

Five etiquettes for the hosts

As your guests leave the wedding having blessed the newlyweds, give them a nice return gift. This could be anything from a box of handpicked dry fruits, sweets, signature perfumes, to clothes that the guests would cherish the time spent at the wedding you hosted for a long time.

Also ensure that the washrooms are clean and accessible to the guests. If you are expecting a specially-abled person or senior citizens, make special arrangement to enable them to access the restrooms.

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