Four reasons to have a selfie booth at your Birthday Party

Four reasons to have a selfie booth at your Birthday Party

Let your guests’ strike a pose at the selfie booth at your Birthday Party

Clicking selfies is an art. It’s no secret that selfie mania has hit the popularity of photography.  Anyone can take a selfie, anywhere at anytime. Since the trend of selfies has come to stay, it is all around the world.

If not wrong, washroom is one best place where girls like to take their selfies alone or with their besties. And, boys take their selfies when they have a new hairdo or fashion to show off. So, why not have a selfie booth at a party and give everyone a chance to flaunt their style.


Having a selfie booth at a birthday party is an amazing idea that will not only add verve to the party, but will also entertain your guests. So, let your guests enjoy the party and talk about it everywhere.

Here are four reasons why you should have a selfie booth at a birthday party.

1.  People enjoy posting selfies online

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Nowadays, taking selfies has become a popular trend and hobby to spend spare time. Whether people hang out, eat out, attend parties, go for a holiday or do anything, they don’t forget to take a selfie. People enjoy taking selfies and sharing the best ones with their friends on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. A selfie booth at a birthday party will give them a different way to enjoy at the party.

2.  Creates selfie memories

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Selfies are the best memories of all time. Whether you click it singly, or with friends or with your pets, they are not just memories. They are much beyond that. They are experiences.  So, when your guests take their selfies with friends or the guests at the birthday party, they make the selfie and the special day the most memorable.

3.  “Getting bored, take selfies”

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Getting bored is not about the party, it is about the guests’ mood. Selfie can change the mood of your guests. So, in case your guests are done for the day or having fun during the party, they will like to take selfies to enjoy every moment at its best.

4.  You are your own photographer

Reasons to have a selfie booth
As we mentioned earlier, taking selfies is an art and keeping a selfie booth at the party will  develop their creativity. Your guests need not bother others to click a picture. They can be their own photographers. Buy a selfie stick and keep it there.

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