Party Favor Ideas for 60th Birthday

Beautiful Party Favor Ideas for 60th Birthday

Turning 60 isn’t like what it was in the past. Wanna celebrate youth and life that your family and friends will cherish forever with a 60th birthday bash? Quite a few people continue to work and play in their 60s as hard as they used to it in their 20s and 30s. Your party favors should match the birthday boy’s / girl’s likes / dislikes, hobbies, interests, passions and youthful appearance, when you are throwing a 60th birthday bash. The party favors can range from hilarious sexy 60 items to retro and vintage candies. Celebrating 60 these days for most of the people means the best in life is yet to come.

Party Favour – Sexy 60

As most of the people don’t feel their age, celebrate the birthday girl’s / boy’s youth with sexy 60 party favors. You can stuff and fill the goodie bags with sexy but tasteful items which will elicit giggles from the guests present. Items that you can look for are funny pencils or pens, colorful picture frames, candies or adult chocolates and a sleep mask. You can even add tasteful adult gag gifts like boob ear muffs and boob beer pongs, and alcohol breathalyzer keychain.

Party Favor Ideas for 60th Birthday

Party Favor – Sexy 60

Creating sexy 60 coffee mugs or shot glasses to fill your bag and stuffing the mugs with adult candies or chocolates is a brilliant idea. If you are planning to purchase mugs or shot glasses in bulk from a craft store or ceramic warehouse, make sure you keep them ready ahead of time. For ceramics use textile paint to paint “sexy 60” on each mug or shot glass. Various options are available online from which you can choose and personalize the sexy 60 gifts. Choose the item of your choice and upload your photo or logo.

Party Favour – Retro Goodie Bag

Finding the favorite sweets he / she used to enjoy when he / she was young, candies and treats that he / she used to purchase and filling the goodie bags is another great party favor idea. Typically, online retailers and candy manufacturers carry vintage and retro candies that dates back to the olden days i.e, 1920s. The candies are still being manufactured till date, but on a very small scale, and for that you may end up paying a little extra for the loot.

Party Favor Ideas

Party Favor – Retro Goodie Bag

You can serve these vintage and retro candies in addition to the goodie bags at the party, if your budget allows.

Party Favour – Commemorative VCD / DVD

Creating a special VCD / DVD for guests to take home that features the birthday girl / boy through the years is simply a great party favor idea. Gathering snapshots that includes the birthday girl / boy with his / her friends who will be attending the party you need pictures. So ask the party guests for these pictures in advance. At least a month before, allow friends and family members to search for old photos. Then follow up with each person either through a phone call, an e-mail or personal visit two weeks before the party so that you can collect your stash and make a collage of images.

Party Favor Ideas for 60th Birthday

Party Favor – Commemorative VCD / DVD

First scan the photos into your computer and using computer software, create the VCD / DVD. Don’t forget to add soundtrack. You can weave in the birthday boy’s / girl’s favorite songs and music from when he / she was little up until today as the backdrop.

Now play the VCD / DVD at the party. You can design each VCD / DVD jewel case with a title marking the 60th birthday.

You can also add a little bit of fun in the VCD / DVD by including the celebrant’s favorite hero / heroine photos and add appropriate songs to go with the images.

A person crosses a memorable landmark at the age of sixty. So celebrate it and make the person jubilant by organizing a great birthday party with beautiful party favors.

Preeti Panna Mishra

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