10 Most Romantic Birthday Ideas

10 Most Romantic Birthday Ideas

Surprising the love of your life with 10 most romantic birthday ideas

A person’s birthday becomes very special when her loved one is by her side. Romantic gifts from your beau is treasured the most than any other gift. Do not forget to add some surprise element to the birthday celebration like a long-cherished gift, a trip to a desired place, or invite a surprise guest. Here are a few romantic birthday ideas to surprise the love of your life.


1. Wishing with roses

To begin your sweetheart’s birthday with beautiful roses is one of the most amazing ideas that leaves a lasting impression. The number of roses can be based on the age of your beloved. Red roses are always very special and would be cherished as one of the best romantic birthday gifts ever.

Wishing with roses

Wishing with roses

2. Surprising every hour with gifts

Surprising her with romantic gifts all day long that the person likes the most is a brilliant idea. And this birthday surprise idea works out the best if you give one gift every hour, which would leave her awestruck. Understand her tastes so well that your array of gifts can range from a rose plant to a Revlon lipstick to a Bvlgari women’s perfume, to Vero Moda dress or even a simple lovely pendant.

Most Romantic Birthday Ideas

Surprising every hour with gifts

3. Planning a picnic together

Planning a picnic together to a romantic place like the beach or lake makes the birthday even more special. Try making arrangements beforehand with decorations, music, flowers, etc., at the picnic spot. This will make the person’s day very special and memorable.

Ten Most Romantic Birthday Ideas

Planning a picnic together

4. Giving handmade gifts

Expressing your love for your wife can be best done by presenting handmade romantic gifts. They are very unique and special in their own way with respect to the ready made gifts available in the market. If you are planning to impress your wife or girlfriend with some gifts, these can be the best presents you can consider. Handmade romantic gifts like stuffed toys, scented candles, bouquets, handmade greeting cards, etc., can be appreciated by everyone.

Romantic ideas

Giving handmade gifts

5. Planning a romantic dinner

One of the best birthday ideas is to plan a romantic dinner for your spouse. You can arrange the party place by decorating it with balloons, flowers, cards, candles, music, and delicious food that she enjoys the most. Now this is what a romantic candle light dinner looks like.

top 10 romantic ideas

Planning a romantic dinner

6. Cooking a special meal for your spouse

This is one of the best birthday gifts you can give your sweetheart. Surprise her by cooking her favourite dish at home and serving it at the breakfast table . This makes the person feel loved so much.

birthday romantic ideas

Cooking a special meal for your spouse

7. Surprise party plan

Planning a birthday party for your sweetheart with friends and family is another amazing way to make her fall in love with you all over again. Try to arrange the party at home secretly, inviting friends and family members. Keep her engaged by taking her out. You can ask your guests to gather beforehand and ticke them in a room and surprise her upon reaching home. A small precaution: Make sure the guests don’t park their cars anywhere near your home.

romantic ideas for birthday

Surprise party plan

8. Spending the entire day with your loved one

Time is precious and the best romantic gift you can give your partner is your time. Spending more time with her on her birthday makes it all the more special. Try to keep yourself away from all assignments and spend time with her and she is sure to cherish it more than any other gift you give her.

romantic birthday ideas

Spending the entire day with your loved one

9. Take your spouse for shopping

Taking your wife for shopping on her birthday is a wonderful idea. Let her shop and take all the things she likes. This will make her day very special and unforgettable. Keep a watch on your pursue. You need not splurge, and at the same time, need not be stingy either.

ideas for romantic dates

Take your spouse for shopping

10. Writing a poem for your belle

The best way to express one’s love is through poetry. Express your love for your heartthrob by writing a special poem. Through your poem, let her know how important she is to you. A dash-of-humor in the poem makes it all the more special. Penning a love letter could also be a nice option, if you feel that poem isn’t your cup of tea.

romantic  ideas for birthdays

Writing a poem for your belle

Try these wonderful romantic ideas, present with romantic gifts and make the birthday of your partner the most memorable and the best one ever.

Preeti Panna Mishra

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  1. This blog brings back many fond memories of my previous birthday. My husband was out of station but he had arranged for bouquet and gift basket delivery every 2 hours. He also made a surprise visit in the evening and we went out for a romantic candle light dinner. It was my most special birthday, now my husband’s birthday is coming up and I want to plan something special for him. Thanks for the ideas.

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