Summatronic to turn on music mania in Goa

Summatronic in Goa

Summatronic – The Biggest, Most Massive Music Festival in Goa

No summer in Goa is complete without one, two or more boisterous musical celebrations. That’s why, BeatsPerMinute is all set to bring the biggest musical festival in Goa this summer. As the countdown begins to the mighty Summatronic, a massive music madness, has geared up with passionate young artistes to give you a bundle of unforgettable experiences.

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Summatronic is synonymous to electrifying musical madness and is one of the top summer music festivals that BestsPerMinute has to offer. This event will take place on May 10, 2015 with a star-studded line-up of musicians to create a sizzling summer festival in Goa.

Are you ready to experience the biggest musical madness festival in Goa?

So, head to the gripping Summatronic – Massive music madness at Club Nyex, Anjuna Cliff this summer and enjoy the lively and scintillating music from some of the fantastic Indian and internationally renowned artistes. Undoubtedly, the event will be drenched in a celebratory vibe, filled with glee and exhilaration to make you feel lost in the moment.

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Summatronic – massive music madness will give you a real taste of “headbanging, heart-racing and soul-lifting” mixes from the sizzling summer tracks. It’s your turn to go to the festival and taste the party madness.

Summatronic – massive music madness in Goa features TUJAMO (headliner) and MARCUS SCHOSSCOW, NEW_ID, Starkillers, Aceaxe, Swap, Dash and Garth Adam, the brightest artistes who all will make you bob your head and tap your feet bringing the legendary tunes of their mixes to make you party all night.

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After a long day of rest on Sunday, there is nothing better than going to a massive music madness with your loved ones. So, hurry and buy your tickets for Summatronic. To know more about the artistes, please visit our website at Summatronic – massive music madness.

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