Ladybug Theme Party for Girls


Host a cute ladybug theme party on your daughter’s birthday – A summer time kids party

Planning to organize a grand party on your kid’s birthday? You can go crazy if you are trying to organize even a simple children’s party these days, unlike the adult party. There are many things, one needs to take care of, when planning for a kid’s birthday party.

Is your daughter cute like a ladybug? Then plan your cute bug’s next birthday party with a ladybug theme. Theme parties are an exotic way to host a celebration. It makes birthday party planning easy without breaking your bank. Particularly, when it is a ladybug theme, you will not find anything else much easier than this.

Here are a few tips and interesting ideas for organizing a special birthday with a ladybug theme.

Party ideas

The ladybug is all about white and black dots juxtaposed with solid chic red! After all, that’s the theme right? And, by the way, the ladybug is noted as good luck. Have a look on the things that are required for organizing a ladybug theme party certainly for girls.

1. Cute invitations:

Feeling creative? Choose a fun personalized ladybug theme party invitation with paper decoration that will make everyone smile. Cut out different coloured heavyweight construction papers into various shapes for making the ladybug. Use black paper to make ladybug’s head and small polka dots, and red paper to make the body, and white paper to fill the party details. Now, use a pin to fix all the papers to shape it into ladybug.

Ladybug Theme Invitations
You can even make simple invitation cards by using fill-in-the-blanks ladybug cards or paste lady bug stickers in red colour heavy construction paper, which will add extra glamour to the look of the invitation cards.

2. Kids love balloons:

Ladybug Theme Balloon decoration

Balloons means birthday, that’s what kids know. Scatter the balloon bouquets with weights all around the party place, so that they don’t blow away. Contrast of red and black colour will look wonderful, perfectly matching your theme, else you will get ladybug theme balloons from the party suppliers to decorate the hall. You can also customize balloons like a ladybug.

3. Other Decorations

Put the ladybug decals on the walls of party venue or at the entrance to welcome your guests. To add more attraction to the party, you can use Mason jars filled with plastic bugs to decorate the table. How about decorating real potted plants with fake bugs on it? Ladybug bean bags for each child to sit is another unique idea that you can implement on your bug’s birthday. Photo clips, birthday banners, centerpieces, string and paper decorations, paper lantern and other party decorations should be in red and black colour or red with black polka dots.

4. Themed tableware

Ladybug theme tableware

Tableware should match the ladybug theme. So, consider using glasses, plates, cutlery, napkins, spoons and table cloth having colours or pictures of ladybug.

5. There are Ladybugs in food

ladybug Food theme

Tempt your guests with mouthwatering dishes, appetizers and ladybug themed food ideas like fruit salad of strawberry, apple, pomegranate, cherry, plum, black grapes, and blackberry. Another amazing ladybug themed food idea is to serve salted biscuits decorated with cream, ripe olives, fresh parsley, and cherry tomatoes. Donuts, lemonade, cookies, chocolate covered pretzel stick, strawberry half dipped in dark chocolate, edible fruit jelly, watermelon, open sandwich with tomato, slab, bread spread and olive toppings, cake pops, pizza with red sauce and olive topping and the likes can be served for appetizers. Likewise, you can plan your food menu for the ladybug themed party.

6. More bugs in cake and cupcake

ladybug theme party ideas for girls

Do we need to say more about the cake? Well, we all know that cake is the king of the birthday party. So, ladybug cake can be prepared in various styles. Also, you can try out making cupcakes in different styles. For more ideas check the image.

7. Let your kids play pinata (party activities)

Kids love to play and since it’s a birthday party they have full freedom to enjoy and no one can stop them. There are many fun filled games that can be planned for kids in the party. Pinata is one such game that can make the party lively and interesting. Ladybug pinatas are not so expensive, but making it by yourself is all-the-more fun.

Ladybug theme games

Do you know there is a game called “Inchworm”? Well, that’s an interesting game. The game includes kids, wrapping blankets or sleeping bags. They have to race with each other across the grass like a worm. Kids love to paint their faces. And bug face painting is one such activity where kids can paint each others face or get a volunteer to paint their faces with cute bugs.

8. Costumes and accessories

ladybug Costumes and accessories ideas

Costumes and accessories are all the important while hosting a ladybug themed party. The birthday girl should be dressed like the most cutest bug in the world. You can also ask your guests to dress according to the theme to make the party lively.

9. Ladybug party favours

Ladybug party favour ideas

Have you planned for your party favours? Pastel ball hair ties, fancy ladybug stickers, ladybug toys, party bubbles, ladybug cookie, potted plants, bug rings, coloring books, bug tattoos, magnifying glasses, cupcakes in small baskets or any girlie accessories, etc., can be given as the party favours.

10. Wrap the gift

Wait for it! Don’t hand over the party favours simply wrapping with gift wrappers. You can customize it with a ladybug theme. Check out for the images to know more.

Gift ideas

You know that ladybugs symbolize good luck and any ladybug that perches on you will let your troubles fly away. So let everyone know about this.

Have fun.

Preeti Sahu

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