Creative Ideas for 80th Birthday Party

Creative Ideas for 80th Birthday Party

Cool and awesome creative ideas for 80th birthday party

Completing eight decades of a life is an occasion worth celebrating. The party should be a simple affair, not messy and loud as teenage parties, but focusing on celebration of life.

Start planning the birthday beforehand, collecting information about the honoree, the person’s preferences and the life story. Some want their birthdays to be a low-key affair, so only invite their close friends and relatives. Do not plan a grand party with a lot of surprises that might not go down well with older people.

1. Remembering 80 Years

Create a photographic timeline of major events that took place in the honoree’s lifetime. Place the images in a chronological order – from childhood to the most recent one. Have a presenter share the story, and what the honoree was doing during the years noted. At the end, have a special toast. You can revolve your whole party around this idea, or make it a nice activity or party game for everybody to get involved in.

Another fun activity is to connect the year of birth of the honoree with the significant events of that year, from birthdays of great personalities, to some major scientific innovation, release of a blockbuster movie.

Call the honoree’s friend to share some memories from his younger days which will make the atmosphere light and joyful.

creative ideas for 80th birthday party
Remembering 80 Years

2. Tea and Trivia

Hosting a tea is a good choice for an 80th birthday party idea, particularly if the honoree has some limited mobility. Decorate the cake with little tokens that represent important moments in the honoree’s life. For example, you might have a model of their first car, the address of their first home, etc. Present a memento to the honoree with a collage of photos which will take him down to the memory lane. Usually kids do not get enough chance to participate in this kind of parties. So plan activities for kids separately from the older lot which they can fully enjoy.

birthday party ideas
Tea and Trivia

3. Birthday by 80

The number 80 can act as the central theme for your party in decorations and food. For example, you might have a jar of 80 pieces of classic candy on each table for snacking, and a money tree with 80 silver currency notes for the honoree. You can also blow up 80 balloons, or possibly a centerpiece with 80 flowers at the main table for the honoree.

themed birthday parties
Birthday by 80

4. Classical dance/songs

People from older generation like classical music song. A performance by a classical dancer (any classical dance form) or a classical singer will make the ambience serene. This will serve as a spectacle for the connoisseurs of dance and music.

Creative Ideas for 80th Birthday Party
Classical dance/songs

Crossing 80 years is not a small feat, so celebrate this with friends, relatives and host a party which will be remembered for years to come.

Preeti Panna Mishra

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