Outdoor party games for kids birthday

Fun outdoor party games will be a hit with kids

A fantastic fun-filled celebration is what a kid’s birthday party is all about. Kids love to play and this is the only activity which adds verve and enthusiasm to the party. Having games in a kid’s birthday party is not new, but knowing what kind of games are apt to the occasion is important. Games are a great way to enhance interaction.

Outdoor party games

Always prefer an outdoor venue or a venue with outdoor facility, where the kids can have fun. You must have heard and played the most breathtaking outdoor games like sack race, hide and seek, kick the can, hit the rope, carnival games, treasure hunt, and the likes.

In order to rev up the activity at your kid’s birthday party and making it more entertaining, there are awesome and unique outdoor games for children that we have shortlisted here.

Take a look at some outdoor games to make the kids birthday party perfect.

1. Pinata

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Pinata means “Birthday in a box”. The game requires a toy shaped box with full of candies, chocolates and presents hanging upside down. One of the kids from the birthday party or the birthday boy/girl will hold a stick and hit the box to break it. But the twist is, whosoever is holding the stick will be blindfolded. As soon as the pinata breaks, kids can pick those chocolates and presents in it.

2. Red Rove

Do you know the game “kabaddi”? Red rove is almost similar to Kabbadi. But there is a twist to the game. Red rove is one of the fantastic games that will enhance the capability of teamwork among kids.

Best outdoor games for birthday parties

Red rove requires 10 players in each of the two teams, and the game is played between two lines of players. Unlike Kabaddi, Red rove is a game, where the first team calls out a player’s name from the opposite team saying “Red rover, red rover, send (opposite team player name) right over”.

The person, whose name has been called, needs to run the first team line and break the chain. If the person successfully breaks the chain, he can select two people to be taken away to his team. But if the person fails to do the same, he will have to join the team that called him. The same process continues till a team defeats the other by taking all their players.

3. Mother May I

This is a very interesting game that kids love to play at the party. “Mother May I” can be played by any number of kids. One kid will take the role of a mother and the other players are her children. The player who plays the role of mother stands at one corner of the play area, whereas all the other children line up at the other end (blindfolds are optional).

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The children standing in front will move asking “Mother, May I take (number of steps) forward”? Mother decides to say yes or no and replies either “Yes, you may” or “No, you may not do that, but you may take (number of steps) instead.” According to the game, the child player needs to move closer to the mother. If a child succeeds in reaching the location of the mother, wins the game and can become the mother himself. Then the original mother becomes child and stands in the line. Now the game begins with a new round.

It can also be played as “Captain May I” with crewmembers or “Father May I” with children. If number of players are more, to make it fast, the game can be divided into many mothers/fathers/captains having two or three children in each group.

4. Tug of war

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The most sporty and interesting activity among all the games is the ‘Tug of war’. It tests the kids’ strength. There will be teams divided into two with each team holding an end of the rope. Make a red mark in the middle of the rope and white mark in the middle of the groups. Both the team will pull the rope against the force of the opposing team. The goal of the game is to defeat the opposing team by pulling and bringing the rope to their own direction. If a whole team is pulled onto the other side of the white line, the puller team wins and the pulled one loses.

So, next time when you host your kid’s birthday party, pick one or two games from these and entertain them in groups.

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