Party Ideas for 60th Birthday

Party Ideas for 60th Birthday

Fabulous party ideas for 60th birthday

60th birthday party ideas

60th birthday party ideas

Wanna plan an unforgettable 60th birthday party for a  friend, spouse, or parent? There are all kinds of inventive 60th birthday party ideas to plan a terrific party. However, you need not look that far for inspiration for 60th birthday ideas. And one such creative idea is to seek inspiration from the year in which the guest of honor was born! For example, if your mother was born in 1971, give her a 60s-themed party. A 60th birthday party should be fun-filled and nostalgic and here are some fabulous party ideas for 60th birthday.

  • Setting the scene:  It is really important to set the scene for the event when you’re planning a 60th birthday party based on the year or decade in which the guest of honor was born. Try to include and incorporate clothing, music, hairstyles, and food from that era. You can even search online and check out old tv shows and movies that were set in that decade to get the feeling as to how to decorate and dress. Downloading music and reminding the guest of honor, of their childhood from that era is another brilliant idea you can look at. For say, hosting your party at an old diner or setting up your backyard to look like an old-school drive-in.
Party ideas for 60th birthday

Setting the scene

  • Adding personal touches:  Making a slideshow of the family photos, vacations, and other important memories is one of the most thoughtful and memorable 60th birthday party ideas to play during the party. While digging and searching through the photos, you might end up finding a baby picture of the guest of honor. You can use this in creating personalized favors or put on the 60th birthday cake to blow up.
memorable 60th birthday party ideas

Adding personal touches

  • Making it a roast: Another idea for the 60th birthday party is to turn the party into a roast, wherein everyone (or anybody who feels comfortable) would be asked to tell a funny yet hilarious story about the guest of honor at the party. You might want specific people to participate depending on the size of the party. If not, the roast would go on for too long and the guest of honor would get bored.
brilliant party ideas

Making it a roast

With such brilliant party ideas you can make the 60th birthday party, a celebration to cherish forever.


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