60th Birthday Party Invitations

Party invitations for 60th birthday

Tips for 60th Birthday Party Invitations

A milestone worth celebrating is certainly the 60th birthday. And turning 60 means opening new horizons to people. Many of us greet it with grace and humor, while others despise it with dread of ageing. Some of us celebrate one of life’s major milestones with friends and family. So, throwing and organizing a 60th birthday party is celebrating the past achievements that will set a benchmark for coming years.

Party Invitations

60th Birthday Party Invitations

The first and foremost thing, a 60th birthday party invitation should convey all the critical information for the guests attending the event. So, start the party off with a wonderful invitation highlighting the guest of honor. When organizing a 60th birthday party there are lots of do’s and dont’s.

Few tips to make 60th birthday party a success:

1. Choose an appropriate invitation: If you want to base your party on a theme, make your theme aforementioned in all the invitations so that you avoid last moment gaffes. Do not try to over surprise your guests. If you are not going with a theme, plan for an inspiring invitation using old adages.

60th Birthday Party Invitation

Choose an appropriate invitation

2. Humor handle with care: Humor acts as a tool to allay the fears of ageing. However, humor can offend people if not put in a right taste. Use mild teasing words instead of hurting everyone being old-aged. Use proper wording as the following:

“You know you are getting old when the candles cost more than the cake.”
“On your 60th birthday count your blessings, not your candles!”

Tips for 60th birthday party invitations

Humor handle with care

3. Consider incorporating an album of old pictures: Create a collage of old pictures which will bring back the nostalgic feeling for the guest of honor. Many of your invitees will be pleasantly surprised to see the pictures of an old person in his/her young years and will be delighted to see what they looked like back then.

Birthday Party Invitations for 60th Birthday

Consider incorporating an album of old pictures

4. Be clear about who’s invited: Plan in advance if you want kids at the birthday party or not. If you wish to the contrary, mention clearly on the invitation ‘Adults Only’.

5. Include all the event details: Keep the 60th birthday invitation wording concise, not too wordy or superfluous. Make sure you include important details such as: name of the birthday boy or girl, date/time/location of the event. For a surprise party, mention whether the guests need to bring gifts or not.

Party Invitations for 60th Birthday

Include all the event details

If you follow all the above and plan your party accordingly, the old-age birthday parties will be full of life and a grand success.

Preeti Panna Mishra

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  1. These are amazing invitation tips for all milestone birthdays. Thanks for sharing! I loved & prefer video invites for my birthday party. I created a video invitation with some of my old pictures through inviter.com. It looks really eye-catching.

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