Train the trainer

Train the Trainer

Workshop in Bengaluru on train the trainer to polish your spirit

There are two ways to doing something: either the right way or doing it all over again. So, whatever you do, you should know how to do it. That is to say, learn and enact. One of the biggest challenges with the training industry is the ability to train rather than to execute the same task.

train trainer

Are you someone who has fallen into the role of a teacher, a lecturer or a trainer? Else, someone who want to become a trainer? Do you encounter difficult and disruptive challenges, but aren’t sure how to handle them? Attend a practical workshop on how to deliver a lecture or impart training effectively.

Good news for people who are looking for a quintessential training on how to train. The most highly interactive, and hands-on workshop, train the trainer, is about to change the way you think. Be the change to change the world.

Conducted by Sridhar Jayagopalan, train the trainer is a comprehensive three-day-long workshop program that would take place from April 23 to 25, 2015 at the Hotel  Royal Orchid in Bengaluru. The workshop would show you how to train the attendees, and let you experience just how effective the learning to train can be.


During this three-day workshop, you will spend eight hours learning and practicing the key skills and techniques. Train the trainer is inclusive of various concepts that will guide you on how to gain the skills and confidence to successfully anchor the training session in an organization.

Attending this workshop, you can learn everything about interactive lecturing skills through video mirroring sessions, Bloom’s taxonomy, competency mapping, Kirkpatrick, training programme design, writing skills on training goals/objectives, training tools, conducting a Training Need Analysis, and handling a difficult situation of attendee in a training programme.

train the trainer concept

The goal of this workshop is to get you comfortable using all the concepts that require to become a good trainer in the long run. This dynamic workshop employs a blended approach, combining various modules and training methodologies with numerous interactive activities, that would engage you during the workshop such as role-plays, written exercises, group discussions on how to train, simulations, games, individual presentations, and more.

Train the trainer workshop incorporates a timetable that consists of three modules, including creating positive environment in a classroom (trainer’s communication style and it’s effect, and handling difficult situations), effectively designing the content of a training/classroom session and when to use them each, and lastly the technique of delivering a lecture in a training room successfully.

train the trainer approach

Who can attend the Train the Trainer Workshop?

  • Lecturers from any College/School
  • Trainers – Technical or Non-technical from any company
  • Anyone who is in-charge of training function  in any company
  • Anyone aspiring to become a Trainer

So, if you want to learn the skills and techniques of a visual trainer to train your attendees efficiently, register now for the workshop “Train the Trainer”.

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