Allure Fashion Show 2015

Allure Fashion Show 2015

Allure Fashion Show 2015 in Palghar, Mumbai on May 2

In a typical fashion show, models walk the ramp dressed in the clothing created by the designer. Fashion shows take the form of installations at times, where the models are usually static, sitting or standing in a very constructed environment. The order for each model walking the ramp wearing a specific outfit is pre-decided and planned in accordance to the statement the designer wants to portray about his or her collection. And now, it is up to the audience to understand what the designer is trying to say and depict from the collection being showcased, also visually deconstruct each outfit and appreciate the detail and craftsmanship of every single piece.

Now it’s time to ALLURE you into the fashion world as the ramp is set and the spotlights are on. Allure fashion show 2015, a mega fashion show organized by Allure events is all set to showcase in Palghar, Mumbai on May 2, 2015 at 5.30 pm.

Fashion Show 2015
Allure Fashion Show 2015 

Allure Fashion Show is basically a summer/spring fashion show based on a fusion theme and promoting women empowerment. This grand fashion show gives a huge platform for the girls who are interested to make a career in the fashion industry. It also provides latest fashion trend awareness among society through ramp walk of models and participants. So at Allure, We don’t do Fashion! We Are Fashion, and Believe in Fashion!

Allure Summer/Spring Fashion Show 2015
Allure Collection, 2015

A tip for the models: As the saying goes, fashion is an art and you are the artist. And your body is like a canvas and the clothes are the paint. So, create a masterpiece with style and chic attire. Show and prove the world what it means and feels when you walk down a runway.

Allure Fashion Show includes well-choreographed and designed fashion show, based on various themes like haute couture, resort wear, retro futurism, and global fusion. Famous and renowned bollywood celebrity would also walk the ramp.

So feast your eyes on the beautiful models as they spellbindingly present before you the unmatched and unconventional designs they bare. With all the scintillating fashion, dazzling lights, and chiming music, you can’t even wink at this amazing spotlight. So, drape yourself in the mesmerizing and dazzling designs of today’s vogue and get ready to experience the world of magnum demonstration of clothing and accessories.

Allure Clothes
Allure Women

Get ready to witness the most-awaited fashion event happening in your city on May 2, 2015 at Jivan vikas ground, Palghar, Mumbai. Book your tickets right away as the tickets are selling fast.

Sofa seating sideways for three people is available at an unimaginable price of Rs. 5,000, and accordingly, sofa seating frontside for three at Rs. 3,000 and chair seating at Rs 1,000 is available. The seating arrangements are made according to their prices. Along with this, you get a welcome drink for free.

Now is the time to set the stage on fire and sparkle in the remarkable world of fashion and beauty. Mark your calendar May 2, 2015 to experience an embarking journey into the world of fashion and beauty. Make your weekend the most memorable one by enjoying with your friends and loved ones.

Preeti Panna Mishra

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  1. Its really glad to know that Allure Fashion Show will be on May 2 where we would be able to see various types of women’s clothing with vartities of colors & materials

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