Aasha – Jeene ki vajah

Aasha - Jeene ki vajah

Aasha – Jeene ki vajah at Kalidas Kalamandir, Nashik:

Music is a beautiful way to express all that you feel. From love to loneliness and from happiness to sorrow, there is a melody for everything. Bollywood music offers the best of tunes to demo your agony or ecstasy. Here is a chance for you to experience the best of music from Bollywood, as Aasha – Jeene ki vajah at Kalidas Kalamandir, Nashik is going to take you through a melodious journey.

Featuring the top numbers from the Bollywood to the best of Hindi beats, this three-hour-long musical retreat would fill the air with serenity.

Some of the most renowned singers in town, including the likes of Dr. Salil Latay, Ameya Jog, Sai Apte, Deepa Beke, Sunil Bansi, Shilpa Kolhatkar, and Yogita Wani, can all be heard at the sonorous saga. There would also be an impressive line-up of musicians like Darshana Jog and Vinod Sonawane, complemented with guitar by Eternal Riffs, to give you the best of music and make an evening so much memorable that you would cherish it for life.

Aasha - Jeene ki vajah at Kalidas Kalamandir, Nashik:

Well, if you think that this event is all about music and fun, then we have something more to tell you. While you let your hair down and relax listening to the soulful numbers, you would also be making a contribution to a noble cause — This is a charity fundraiser event.

Aasha – Jeene ki vajah show works to achieve three goals:

It desires to provide a living for musicians by bringing their talent onto a platform and showcasing the same. It wants to bolster the sagging morale of people who are gripped by depression and revive their spirits so that they could rejuvenate themselves to lead normal lives.

Aasha - Jeene ki vajah
Adventures Beyond Barriers, an NGO, is supported by Aasha, as the former boosts confidence among the differently-abled to take part in adventure sports and also take up fundraisers by sensitising the society on the capabilities of the challenged people.

If you want to show your generosity, you may book the front row donation passes for Rs. 1,000 each and support the cause. Tickets for Rs. 250 each are available for individuals and those who book in bulk of more than 10 tickets would get them for Rs. 200 each.

So, hurry and book your passes now for this amazing musical charity night organized by the Reverb Productions in at Kalidas Kalamandir, Nashik.

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