Workshop on Digital Marketing

Workshop on digital marketing

One-day workshop on digital marketing at Hotel Suba International, Mumbai, on April 5, 2015

With the advent of mobile and internet in every hand, digital marketing has become one of the most important and integral part of present and future era.

As per current research, digital marketing is a field of enormous possibilities and opportunities. It is evolving and growing at such a faster rate that every day there are new advancements adding to the digital marketing techniques. Digital marketing is in itself such a vast subject, so we have tried to compact it into a one-day workshop, giving more attention to the practical use and benefits that would help users.

Digital marketing workshop is being held on April 5, 2015 at Hotel Suba International, Mumbai, and its designed to help small business owners understand the need and its use in today’s virtual marketing tools. Every detail about digital marketing would be discussed in the workshop.

Social Media Marketing

Digital marketing workshop

The tools, trends, techniques and use of digital marketing and how it would help businesses grow would also be discussed and explained. Varied topics like marketing, internet, internet marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, Facebook, Facebook pages for business promotion, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, email marketing, SEO, blogging, Google Adwords, YouTube advertisements, domain registration and website creation etc, would be covered in this session.

Workshops in Mumbai, 2015

Trends in digital marketing, 2015

The workshop would be hosted by Aaryendr, who holds a degree in Financial Management and an MBA in Marketing from Mumbai University. A person with knowledge in the field of digital marketing, he has been practicing digital marketing for over three years. He has started managing digital marketing of a reputed business house in Mumbai for the last one year. He also takes up classes at MBA colleges.

Wait no further and book your tickets right away as the seats are filling fast and limited!

The per person workshop fee is just Rs. 5,000 and it includes stationery, bottled water, breakfast, buffet lunch and tea/coffee twice.

Everybody would be provided with photocopies of the study material at the end of the workshop. So, get ready and delay no further as prior registration and confirmation is required. Mark your calendar, April 5, 2015, for the workshop in Mumbai.

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