Steps to handle a customer complaint at an event

Steps to Handle a Customer Complaint at an Event

How will you handle a customer complaint at an event effectively?

It’s always better to know and educate your employees beforehand on how to handle a customer complaint at your event like a professional. While doing business, it’s obvious that you will need to deal with a dismayed customer. So cobble up things together, before it is too late and costs your business dearly.

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How you handle a customer complaint is very important to assess the endurance capacity of your business. Because, if a customer is not content with your service, he will surely be annoyed. A few customers may not grumble, but they simply leave and move on to your rivals to get their work done.

So there are numerous sensitive issues that you need to know and educate your employees to handle it efficiently for a better result.

While organizing an event, you put your heart and soul to make it a grand success. But when things don’t go according to the plan, it is disappointing, particularly, if the event is live and feedback comes in the middle of it!

To deal with a customer complaint effectively at an event is a very important skill that one should possess while doing business. Don’t panic! The good news is; we have brought you a set of brilliant ideas that would help you take care of a customer complaint at your event.

Here are a few tips.

1. Take the complaint as a gift:

how to deal with a customer complaint

Take the complaint as a gift? It may sound funny and weird. Don’t think much and take it positively! As discussed earlier, a few customers don’t even bother to complain and simply look out for better options that would leave you with no opportunity to set it right. So, in case, if someone comes to you with a complaint, it’s a good thing in the other way round. At least, you will get to know what’s wrong and rectify the same with the help of their feedback.

2. Listen to your customer:

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The next step to handle a customer complaint at your event is to tune in. Let the attendee speak and vent her frustration, which will surely calm them down. Listen to the feedback and queries, understand what their expectations are, and the reason for their disappointment. Gather accurate information and ensure that you talk to them coolly and provide them with the best possible solution.

3. Keep calm and show empathy:

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It is very important to handle the situation in a caring manner, as it’s certainly not a personal issue to argue. It’s your job to solve their problem. Listen to their queries patiently and you will get to know their views that they want to address. Putting yourself in their shoes, asking them questions makes them feel you are on their side to help them out.

4. Apologize for their disappointment:

how to handle a customer complaint

When a customer demos disappointment, apologize and let her know you are there and will get the things sorted out asap. Further, they want to know how you are going to solve their issue, rather than listening to your apologies.

5. Solve the problem:

 handling customer complaints effectively
So, the next step would be to handle a customer complaint at an event and solve it. Ask them how you could help them. Build friendly relationship with the customer and find out the best possible way to resolve the issue. Try not to drag the issue with another member, it will neither help you nor the customer. This will only make the customer angry and annoyed leading to bigger challenges for your company. Make them relax, show them that you care and try to solve their issue effectively, as soon as possible.

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