SOA50 Celebration Weekend in Pune with W&W

SOA50 Celebration weekend with W&W - Pune

Experience the Rocking Show on April 19, 2015 at SOA50 Celebration Weekend in Pune with W&W

“Sunburn on Air”! Yes, Sunburn is back with a bang! Enjoy your Saturday night at the SOA50 Celebration Weekend with W&W in Pune, the hottest party ever in town. Organized by undeniably the most-anticipated Electronic Dance Music Brand, Sunburn, the event has been slated to take place on April 19, 2015.

Sunburn on Air

Bringing full of excitement to the Pune city, India’s most popular online radio show, “Sunburn On Air” has geared up for the mega launch of its 50th episode with sparkling performances to showcase the best artistes from across the globe to give a whole new experience to the audiences. For the enthralling SOA50 Celebration Weekend in Pune, Sunburn has lined up a series of dynamic performances, executing a bewitching dance music show with its extravagant stage design and visual.

Celebration Weekend in Pune

SOA50 Celebration Weekend with W&W in Pune features India’s No.1 DJ Anish Sood, Sunburn resident Shaan, numerous enthusiastic stage performers and many more acts that would leave you spellbound. The highlight of the “Sunburn On Air” celebration is the lively, groovy and bouncy tunes that would be performed by W&W in Pune from their popular mixes. This show would reach to a wide global audience, as Sunburn broadcasts it live via and a group of international online radio portals.

W&W Music Productions, consisting of the two heart throbbing Dutch Dj/Producers Duo, Willem van Hanegem and Ward van der Harst whose tunes would make your body move. “Rave after Rave”, “Thunder”, “Ghost Town”, “Bigfoot”, “Rocket (W&W, Blasterjaxx)”, “Shotgun”, “Zombie Nation- Kernkraft 400”, “Shocker”, are some of the fantastic mixes by William and Ward, which they would play at the SOA50 Celebration Weekend.

#SOA50 Celebration Weekend with W&W in Pune

So, book your passes and join the dance music show in Pune. Celebrate your weekend with the most awaited event of the year, “Sunburn On Air”. Undoubtedly, you will experience an euphoric sense of weekend enjoyment that would make you bob your head and tap your feet till the show continues.

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