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TiE-ISB Connect to support growth stage enterprises:

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), in association with the prestigious Indian School of Business (ISB), launched the Hyderabad edition of TiE-ISB Connect way back in 2006 and has been making rapid strides in promoting the entrepreneurs, startups and also encouraging institutions in growth stage.

TiE-ISB has endeared itself to hundreds of startup entrepreneurs in the last nine years in Hyderabad.

The Conference has been very popular since 2006, the year it was initiated. The 2012 TiE-ISB Connect had participation of over 1,000 professionals, 50 speakers and 30 venture capitalists and we expect a similar or better turnout this year.

The theme for this year’s connect is “I Connect, I grow and I sustain”.

The goal for this year’s TiE- ISB Connect is to help entrepreneurs, venture capital firms, service providers, professionals, and other stakeholders to connect with their local and global business ecosystem and grow their expertise to the next level. We aim to let companies reach out to a diverse audience of 600+ and allow them to learn from the experiences of each other. Today, the world is more competitive than it has ever been and businesses are feeling the pressure. Sustaining amongst numerous fast – growing companies is a key challenge that small to mid-size companies face and here at TiE-ISB Connect 2015, we intend to support sustainability while making continuous progress.
Safir Adeni TiE Hyderabad
At the TiE – ISB Connect 2015 we are scheduled to have 6 grand keynotes, 8 panel discussions and 40 speakers. Along with this, tracks on sales and marketing for growth, IOT, Healthcare, Media and Entertainment, Growth stage funding, Opportunities for Make in India, E-commerce and Food Supply Chain, Research Lab to Market are organised during the three-day event.

Talking passionately about the success of TiE-ISB, its Hyderabad chapter president Safir Adeni said that the teams involved in making Hyderabad a great destination for startups have added a lot of value to the startup ecosystem and also are ready to handhold institutions at growth stage.

TiE-ISB, its Hyderabad chapter

Excerpts from the interview with Mr. Safir Adeni, President, TiE Hyderabad Chapter about the upcoming TiE ISB Connect 2015.

1. How many pitches have come, in the sense that how many business ideas have been proposed for the upcoming TiE-ISB Connect 2015? How many enterprises are in a growth stage and how many are more than three years old?

We have around 50 pitches that have come in so far. As regards the enterprises in the growth stage, TiE-ISB Connect is focussing on this sector and we are seeking more pitches from this genre. Around 90 per cent of pitches received so far are of organizations in the growth stage, where around 75 per cent of enterprises are around three years old.

2. How many ventures, connected by TiE-ISB Connect, were funded in the last nine years?

Giving a definite figure of that might be difficult as we do not have control over those aspects. We have been operating in a non-structured manner all these years with no control over the one-on-one interactions that were taking place among investors and startups under the TiE-ISB umbrella.

TiE-ISB Connect
However, this year, we have taken the measures needed to monitor these developments that would help us keep a track of the funding raised by enterprises. A lot of companies did get funded in the past and most of them were the early stage startups.
We are bringing in venture capital funds and connecting them with organizations and creating a reasonable match with the VCs and facilitating one-on-one discussions. This would help us have a definite list from now on, unlike in the past.

3. Can you please put a figure to the total investment that has been pumped into the ventures? How many start-up (idea – early stage), startup (Angel funding – growth – late stage – startup (sustainable – Series A funding – late stage)

It is difficult to put a definite figure on the amount of funding that has happened so far, but to give a ballpark figure it would be around several millions of dollars in different stages of funding over the years.

4. How much of wealth creation and employment generation might have happened through TiE-ISB in the last nine years?

Wealth creation, yes. As regards enterprise building and employment creation, there have been several millions of dollars that the startups have made in the past. There are many startup enterprises which have received funding through TiE events and initiative.

5. How many startups in Hyderabad are in IOT sphere? If so, can you please name a few?

Companies are growing in this sphere, but the classification is tough as there are many startups ranging from wearables to home automation that use the term IOT. However, if I am to name a few companies in this sphere it would be like the Vasar Labs, and Cypher Cloud.
TiE ISB Connect 2015 in Hyderabad
6. Do you have elevator pitch this year? And, how many elevator pitches have been funded in the last nine years?

This year we have not planned for an elevator pitch. Rather the participating companies can present their proposals at the investor connect itself.

TiE ISB Connect 2015 has something for everyone in the sense that we have a wide range of events lined up for enterprises of every category ranging from the mentorshop for the early stage startups, investor connect for the growth stage companies, etc., we also have interesting sessions on IOT & Security, Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Growth stage funding, Opportunities for Make in India, E-commerce and Food Supply Chain, Research Lab to Market, etc.

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