Vh1 Supersonic Arcade with Pretty Lights

Vh1 Supersonic Arcade

Let your heart skip a beat as you toss your hands up in the air, with gleaming eyes that try hard to resist being carried away by the mesmerizing visuals that would complement the music which Derek Vincent Smith would play at the Vh1 Supersonic Arcade this April.

Well, if you think that you need to take on a musical pilgrimage to the party paradise in India, Goa, as the best of EDM concerts happen here, then you could not be more wrong as the Vh1 Supersonic Arcade brings the best EDM concert to Delhi and Pune this time.

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Vh1 Supersonic Arcade is an extension of the Vh1 Supersonic that has been instrumental in organizing the best EDM gigs across the country over the past two years, i.e., since 2013. Vh1 Supersonic Arcade was founded with the desire to help the maecenas of EDM quench their thirst for quality EDM gigs in their city.

Arcades were devised for music lovers from across various genres and give them the a flavor of the Supersonic festival in Goa. Consider the Arcades as one giant party that travels from one city to the other, to give the Indian audience a taste of awesome music by top-notch artistes from across the globe. This time the Vh1 Supersonic promises you an amazing musical experience with the finest international talent coupled with the countries best acts.

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So get ready to experience a phenomenal performance as Derek Vincent Smith, the American electronic music artiste who performs with the pseudonym Pretty Lights. Vh1 Supersonic Arcade would take place on April 3, 2015 in Pune and April 5, 2015 in Delhi and would be an outstanding retreat of music that Derek Vincent Smith describes as “Electro Hip-Hop Soul,” as his music is a nice mix between elements of EDM, that has reverberating beats from hip-hop and soul music.

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He is also the proprietor of an associated music label, Pretty Lights Music that produces music which is based mostly on digital sampling and crosses many genres, forming a combination of “glitchy hip-hop beats, buzzing synth lines, and vintage funk and soul samples.”

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Passes for Vh1 Supersonic Aracade in Pune

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Passes for Vh1 Supersonic Arcade in Delhi

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