FLX Cricket Cup at Decathlon Hyderabad

FLX Cricket Cup at Decathlon Hyderabad

FLX Cricket Cup at Decathlon Hyderabad

Cricket is probably the only binding force of a country so diverse and something that is regarded as more than a religion. And as the nation stays gripped in the WorldCup fever, here is your chance to shine on the field and impress all those you know with your stunning performance on the field.

Wondering how? Well, the answer is simple, just register for the FLX Cricket Cup at Decathlon Hyderabad, which would take place on March 21 and 22, 2015 from 9:00 am to 6:00 at pmDecathlon Sports. The game is open for everyone above the age of 7 with the only criteria being immense passion for the game and a desire to flaunt your skills on the field.

FLX Cricket Cup at Decathlon Hyderabad

FLX Cricket Cup  would not be just any other match that you play over the weekend, it would rather be the best occasion to bond with everyone in your family as you get to play with team members of all age groups, ensuring that you strengthen your personal relationship while exhibiting true sportsmanship.

The format for the FLX Cricket Cup would be a 6 aside, 6 overs soft tennis ball cricket tournament that would be organized at Decathlon Shamshabad.  If you are not familiar with the 6 aside, 6 overs soft tennis ball cricket tournament, reading on further would provide you with all the information that you might need.

Light Tennis Ball Tournament

FLX Cricket Cup at Decathlon Hyderabad is a 6 overs match, which would have 6 members in each team, where no player would represent two teams. It is also mandatory for the teams to have a name, in order to register themselves for the tournament. Also, only one bowler from each team can ball a maximum of two overs in this match where a light tennis ball would be used, as against the regular cricket ball.

Maximum of 40 teams only can participate and once we reach the desired team count we will close the registrations if not the last date for registration in the March 17, 2015. So, hurry think no further and book your passes for this amazing FLX Cricket Cup at Decathlon Hyderabad and join the cricfever that is spreading across the country.

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