Agile Carnival Chandigarh 2015


First-of-its-kind Agile Carnival Chandigarh 2015 event is happening at ISB Campus

Scrum Alliance, a leading global non-profit professional membership organization is conducting the Agile Carnival Chandigarh 2015 at ISB Campus in Mohali. Agile Carnival is a first-of-its-kind conference, which has been slated to take place on April 4 and 5, 2015. Share, learn, unlearn, relearn and live the spirit of Agile at Agile Carnival Chandigarh, which is a two-day conference dedicated to share the Scrum framework and transform the world of work and providing a platform for people and ideas to flourish.

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Agile Carnival Chandigarh 2015 supports on transforming businesses using agile and lean methodology to make the profession more productive and sustainable. Agile frameworks help organizations accelerate time to market, increase productivity, and respond to changes in priorities. Among which, Scrum is the most iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing product development.

Advantages of attending Agile Carnival Chandigarh 2015:

The conference gives you a chance to look into the future of agile methods. Also, you can discuss and deliberate with the experts on how to take your organization to the next level by using lean, scrum and other latest principles and practices. So don’t miss out from attending and gaining knowledge to make your business successful with this exceptional Agile framework in Agile Carnival Chandigarh 2015. By attending this conference, you will get:

• CSMs/CSPOs – Get 15 SEUs (Scrum Educational Units) under Category A that can be used for CSP certification

• Exposure to various topics related to Agile & its flavours

• Networking for further collaboration

Who Should Participate for Agile Carnival Chandigarh 2015?


Get initiated into the Agile Philosophy and Scrum practices through various Tutorials, Workshops and Case studies. This interactive event is not only suitable for practitioners but also beginners, who wish to be part of this event and get benefit out of the Agile and Scrum framework.

Agile Team Members:

As an Agile team member, agile carnival is a great opportunity to learn how to be an effective team member from your fellow practitioners and coaches, also you will get a chance to share your experience with them.

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For an executive, this event offers a platform to learn on how to lead  your organization towards success by simply using Scrum practices. You can also encourage your team to attend the conference, where they can learn and discuss their challenges and issues with the experienced coaches.

Scrum Master, Coach or Manager:

For a Scrum Master, Coach or a Manager, Scrum conference would give a platform to share your experiences through a session or an open space, where they can also contribute to a coaching clinic and witness the success stories of practitioners.

Business Person/ Entrepreneur:

For business person/ Entrepreneur,  the conference would be great platform to network with the Agile community, explore business opportunities, showcase your brand and be the face of agile adoption.

Agile Carnival Chandigarh 2015

So, grab your opportunity to learn how Agile emphasizes strategic alignment, transparency and value delivery and take your organization to the next level. Hurry and register now to get the early bird tickets for the extraordinary Agile Carnival. If you want to know more about the event, please visit our website on Agile Carnival Chandigarh 2015.

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