Best Dress-Up Tips for Holi

Dress-Up Tips for you on How to look fabulous on Holi Festival

How to look fabulous on Holi?

Have a look on our top Dress-Up Tips for Holi Festival

Holi, the festival of colors will soak you with various hues of happiness and contentment. Are you heading off to any Holi event in your town, then you need to spruce up, fabulously. If what to wear while playing Holi, is what you are thinking of, then here are some exclusive Dress-Up Tips on Holi that you can try to look fabulous.

Festival of colors
Holi Festival 2015

White has turned into the trend to wear on Holi festival, so if you thought that there is no reason to think beyond, behold. There is a reason! Why always white? Wearing same white shade is a passé. Fashion has come so far from traditional white to colorful dresses and from churidar and Kurtas to jeans and western wears. Try out something new! Because, Holi festival is more than just wearing white. Not only attire, but you can play with various other features to look fashionable like nail colors, shoes, make-up, etc. Let’s start with attire first. Look through our Dress-Up Tips on Holi.

1. Attire:

Well, white is the customary shade to wear on Holi. Yet you can try  outfits of distinctive shades to team up with white. Plum, the rich and romantic shade is a  hot favourite of the spring 2015 fashion, so give that color a shot. However, the first priority is comfort while picking what to wear at the Holi Festival, so, look through your wardrobe and find the dress that defines comfort and just Pick it!

Holi 2015
Whether you want to team up your tees or fashionable tops with palazzo and trousers, or loose fitted white tops or Kurtis with denim hot pants or light blue jeans, dress yourself like none other. Floral prints will look nice with white on Holi festival. Likewise, try teaming up with light colours such as pink, yellow, purple, green or clashing colors to look attractive and unique among the white clique.

2. Hairdos:

It is very important to shield your hair from the harmful colours of Holi. To protect from harmful colors, moisturize your hair with coconut oil beforehand and style your tresses with some chic hairdos such as a ponytail, braided bun, French Braid, or Double French into High Pony, etc. Pull back your hair and secure with an elastic, leaving half of the ponytail tucked in, and you are ready with a look that would be so cool juxtaposed against a cute dress. To know more about hair care to protect your tresses from Holi colors on the festival of hues, please read through our blog post on Tips for Hair care on Holi Festival.

Dress-Up Tips for Holi

3. Nail arts:

Cover your nails by painting them with nail polish to shield them from holi colors. Paint your nails with beautiful bright clashing colors or try out a holi nail art design. The base coat is not necessary when creating nail art that consists of several layers of polish because it will make the polish too thick and hard to work with. So, tint your nails with a simple yet gorgeous look for celebrating the holi festival. Since it’s holi and you are going to team up various hues of dress with white, you can also play with different colors and different designs to make beautiful nail arts.

Holi Colors

4. Footwear:

Avoid wearing high-heels on the festival, as you will be running and dancing at the holi parties. Select a pair of shoes that would be comfortable and look fabulous on you, to what shoes to wear with what. With western party outfits, wear ballerinas or gorgeous slippers to play holi comfortably, if you are wearing jeans, shorts and tops, prefer footwears like sneakers, floaters, ballerinas, loafers or simple slippers, teaming up with your attire.

Holi Festival 2015

5. Make-up:

If looking gorgeous among your friends, is what you want, then, make sure you use a perfect make-up base or moisturizer on your face. Then apply make-up and look beautiful. Doing so will protect your skin from the holi colours. Concealer, foundation, compact powder, blush, eyeliner, eyeshadow, mascara, kajal, and, one more thing, apply waterproof eyeliner and waterproof mascara or just put kajal and you know why waterproof, right!

Holi 2015


Here are some ideas to adorn your eyes and lips with an impressive touch up that you can try on the Holi festival. Create a glossy, mauve eye look by smudging a plum colour lipstick on your eyelid along with brown eyeliner. Apply the same plum colour lipstick on your lips, which would look amazingly flattering. Likewise, you can try with the richness of black eyeliner with the touch of silver in the inner corners for a smoky eye look. If you are checking out for tips to protect your skin, then make sure that you also read our blog post on Best Skin Care Tips for Holi.

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