Run for Fun in the Holi Run 2015 at Decathlon Hyderabad

Holi Run 2015 at Decathlon Hyderabad

A fabulous Post Holi Party in Hyderabad is bringing a great amount of fun on March 7, with the Holi Run 2015 at Decathlon Hyderabad

The Holi Run 2015 by Decathlon  is coming back to Hyderabad. The only thing is, are you ready for the most craziest and colorful 7k of your life? Bet yourself that you are coming. Run for fun on the colorful course, solo or better bring your companions along and join the Holi Run 2015 at the Decathlon Sports, which is located close to the airport in Shamshabad, Hyderabad.

Holi Run 2015 at Decathlon Hyderabad

Run for Fun

Holi Run 2015 is an exceptional event that is less about speed, but more about celebrating a crazy colorful day with your loved ones. This event will witness various colorful runners of different age and speed toeing the start line. Whether you are a sportsman or an athlete, the 7km course of Decathlon Sports Shamsabad will be the most fun filled run that you would experience for the first time in Hyderabad.

Holi Colors

Holi Run 2015 at Decathlon Sports Hyderabad

This unique color race celebrates happiness and health, where you would be doused from head to toe with different shades of colors all through the running track. The fun continues all day long, as every participant will receive T-shirts to wear, organic colors to play, and refreshments to perk-up at the Holi Run 2015 at Decathlon Hyderabad to create happiness and lasting memories, not to mention sundry vivid color combinations.

Festival of Colors

Holi Celebration with Family and Friends

Holi Run 2015 is completely eco-friendly, so you don’t need to stress over your skin or hair care. There is no age limit to participate in this run as it is just a fun event to celebrate the festival of colors, children under 7 years gets free entry excluding the participation kit, but they must be supervised by an accompanying guardian.

Despite the fact that, it is an eco-friendly Holi celebration, ensure that you bring your sunglasses, mask or scarf to cover the sensitive areas of your face, waterproof or dust proof pouch to protect your phone and camera. Also make sure to wear shoes that you wouldn’t fret getting shaded.

All the registered participants would be provided participation medal at the end of the Holi Run 2015 at Decathlon Hyderabad, which is an event that is all about happiness, celebration and positive vibes. So, hurry and book your passes now for this unique holi celebration and add some happiness to your life.

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