Dining Etiquette Workshop Nagpur

Dining Etiquette Workshop Nagpur

Persona Stars Image Management is conducting Dining Etiquette Workshop Nagpur to Create an Impressive You

Don’t speak while you are eating, sit right, always close your lips when you chew food, and there are many other regular etiquette that your mother or granny would have edified you, when you were a kid. Having the right finesse of skills on dining is very important.

Dining Etiquette Workshop Nagpur

Eating out with Finesse

Dining etiquette rules apply before you even take your seat and proceed till you excuse yourself from the table. From the right approach to holding a spoon while eating and knowing the difference between a soup spoon and a dessert fork to, ordering a perfect bottle of wine and where to put the napkin when you stand, everything matters.

Whether you are going for a meal with your corporate team or a dine-out with your friends, to conduct yourself impressively in a social circumstance is vital.

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Dining Etiquette

“Learning how to dine, wine and act fine is your passport to universal acceptance.” If you love eating, then you should love the dining decorum, because your actions reflect your behaviour. To make you aware of the nuances of dining decorum, Persona Stars Image Management has brought to you a superb Dining Etiquette Workshop in Nagpur to create an impressive you. Join the workshop and learn how to develop these finesse skills in this ace interactive workshop.

table mannersDirector and founder of Persona Stars (Image Consulting) Deepti Joshi is a qualified International Image, etiquette, grooming, communication and style coach, who would conduct this amazing Dining Etiquette Workshop in Nagpur at The Zuree in Mount Road, Sadar on March 21, 2015 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to empower your self-image. This professional continental workshop would give a strong and positive self-image in the best possible way to put an impressive image of you.

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Learn American/Continental Styles of Dining

At Dining Etiquette Workshop Nagpur, you would get to learn the American/Continental styles of dining, different courses of the meal and how to eat each of them, little about wine and toasting, cocktail and chopstick etiquette, flatware and glassware, handling difficult food such as crab, lobsters, etc. There are many Do’s and Don’ts to apply in dining etiquette, which you would learn in this workshop.

So, are you ready to learn the impressive style and change your image for better? Hurry and register now for the Dining Etiquette Workshop in Nagpur by Persona Stars (Image Consulting).

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