Crew 2015 in Bengaluru (Corporate Recruitment Window)

CREW 2015 in Bengaluru

Resource Masters presents Corporate Recruitment Window ( Crew 2015 in Bengaluru ) on March 12

Within the organizations across India, corporate recruiters demand talented individuals from consultants to fill in vacant positions, who can work diligently and efficiently within the same company. Substantially, organizations rely on the experienced consultants, who influence various recruitment techniques to recruit for corporate purposes. However, they can’t accomplish the desired results by their clients.

Crew 2015

Insights that can effect huge savings in time, cost and effort

To perform adequately as a recruiter to appoint manpower for organizations, one needs to understand the recruitment methods and strategies. Crew 2015 would be the key strategic initiative to take for solving the same issue. The leading professional job network, Resource Masters presents Crew 2015 in Bengaluru, which is taking place at the Sheraton Hotel on March 12, 2015. Besides, this event is going to be the first time closed-door interaction between the two or more stakeholders, and that’s just the beginning.

Who Can Participate in the Crew 2015?

  • Corporate Recruiter
  • Talent Consultant

Crew 2015 in Bengaluru is a one-of-its-kind platform for both the Corporate recruiters and consultants, which intends to bring them together for cross-platform learning and knowledge-sharing that would help them equally.

How Crew 2015 can help the Corporate Recruiters and Consultants at the same platform?

As a corporate recruiter, one will be able to clarify with the Talent Consultant their exact prerequisites like getting quicker and precise results and remove the roadblocks hindering the recruitment process. Also, Consultants can understand the corporate recruiter’s exact necessities, a comprehensive perspective of the entire recruitment process and can deliver better and faster through the Crew 2015 in Bengaluru.

Crew 2015 in Bengaluru

Best Views on Corporate Recruitment

Crew 2015 in Bengaluru has two distinguished Phases (Phase I & Phase II) that you need to know:

Phase I is an online discussion platform 10 days prior to the event on Facebook Consultant Community. It will help recruiters and consultants as a noteworthy networking platform, which would certainly give them an overall idea of what needs to be discussed in Phase II and help them to get the maximum mileage out of Crew (Corporate Recruitment Window).

Phase II features closed-door question and answer sessions between the consultants and corporate recruiters. This phase provides for them the access to talk face to face at Crew 2015, where consultants can ask for change recommendations and tips. Consultants can make questions to recruiters which they would otherwise hesitate to ask their clients. It will get a definitive competitive advantage for both the recruiters and consultants.

Corporate Recruiters and Consultants

Pick the right manpower for your organization

To know more or about the agenda with timely analysis of the event, click on the CREW 2015. So, what are you waiting for? The last date for delegate registering is February 28, 2015. Hurry and register now for CREW 2015.

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