Rang 2015 with Gautam Gulati in Pune

Rang 2015 with Gautam Gulati in Pune

Celebrate Holi at the Rang 2015 with Gautam Gulati in Pune at Pancard Clubs on March 6

The countdown to the biggest and most exuberant festival, the festival of hues has begun. So, Pune are you ready to experience an extraordinary day of celebration? We are going to reveal the most hot and happening Holi event 2015 in Pune by FOUR FOXZ EVENTS.

Festival of Colors

Rang 2015 with Gautam Gulati in Pune

This year, celebrate the festival of colors at Rang 2015 with Gautam Gulati in Pune. The most dramatic, energetic and entertaining actor, also Colors’ Bigg Boss Season 8 winner Gautam Gulati is coming to color the holi festival in a unique Bigg Boss style at Pancard Clubs in Pune on March 6.

The most favourite contestant of Bigg Boss Season 8, the smart and dashing Gautam Gulati, who shot into limelight for his mad antics, hard work and his six pack,  will be your guest and dost to entertain and celebrate the colourful holi festival with you.

Holi Colors

Gautam Gulati

You must have heard the most cool anthem created by Gautam Gulati for himself ”Mera Naam Naam He Gauti, Aur Koi Seher Me Na Hai Baaki, We Love, We Love Gauti, ” which became popular in the Bigg Boss and entertained other contestants as well. Experience the same fun of Bigg Boss at the Rang 2015 with Gautam Gulati in Pune.

Also, this engrossing Holi Event 2015 in Pune will be bringing you a massive line-up of dynamic DJs for an incredible experience with full of masti, entertainment and the best of tunes delivered by DJ VISPI, DJ SUNNY V, DJ ROHEN, DJ KOMPAL, DJ RAKSHANDA, DJ KARMA, DJ SHOUKI, DJ SPINZ BROTHERS. This apart, you will be entertained with a gripping opening act at this event by DJ AT. An event not to be missed!

Rang 2015 with Gautam Gulati

Holi Festival 2015

So, hurry and book your passes right now for Holi event, Rang 2015 with Gautam Gulati in Pune. We recommend that you arrive at least 20 minutes prior at the venue to pick up your physical tickets.

Preeti Sahu

2 Comments to Rang 2015 with Gautam Gulati in Pune

  1. Hi everyone…dont go on the flattery words written above this might b the worst party of the year….totally mismanaged and on that rude behaviour of organisers no water people were taking bath under tanker and no food arrangements so never believe this fourfoxz events.. They took our money and dint return n called bouncers for fighting n kicking us out.

  2. Pls share this…..!!!


    Event Organisers should be aware that they and their event are nothing without the audiences and guests.

    MY FRIEND and her wife visited Rang 2015 organised by FOUR FOXZ EVENTS at PAN CARD CLUBS. As we entered we promised lots of things including rain dance. And passes of 500 rs were sold to us at 700 and that was not all when we enter the party what we see is people fighting to get wet under a water tanker . Realy suprised and dissapointed by this when we went for refunds. We were forced to leave the party and these organisers tried to hit us both when we tried to fight for the wrong.
    We have also launched a complaint at police station.

    Lets share and make people aware that this might happen with you too…what will do?

    Will you leave the party easily or fight to get back your hard earned money?


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