Hair Care Tips for Holi Festival

Tips for Hair Care on Holi Festival

Protect your hair from harmful colors and celebrate Holi better with our Hair care Tips for Holi Festival

It’s time to get ready with taking special care of your skin and hair, because the Holi festival has rolled around once again. The festival, when you go to cool parties with your friends and relatives. The festival, when they throw colors on your face and dab on your hair. The festival, when you play and splash colour water filled balloons on each other.

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And, you know it can harm your hair terribly. If you are looking for some tips, where you can get idea on how to protect your hair on this Holi Festival, you are on right page. We have listed a few common tips for Hair Care on Holi Festival to make it a happy and safe celebration. In case, if you are checking for Skin Care, then make sure you read our post Best Skin Care Tips for Holi that would help you to play Holi, safe.


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1. Apply Oil Beforehand:

Protect yourself as well as your friends and relatives by playing organic colours. But, you cannot stop someone to put harmful colours on you, asking if it is organic or not, cause it’s a festival and everyone of you will be in celebrating spirit.  Isn’t it? So it’s always better to take prevention. If you are planning to leave your hair open, then massage it with hot coconut oil or olive oil, which would certainly protect them from harmful chemicals. Also, doing so will help remove your colour easily while washing off your hair.

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2. Tie Your Hair:

On this special occasion, try with different beautiful hairstyles that will give you attractive look as well as protect your hair from damage. The idea behind tying hair is to prevent them from harmful colors. So, avoid loose hair and tie it with braid, bun or ponytail, etc.

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3. Cover Your Hair:

You can also protect your hair by covering it with a scarf or a decorative holi cap, which is easily available in stores for the Holi festival.


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4. Apply Hair pack:

After the Holi celebration, you will be ready to wash off your hair immediately. But wait, there is something that can prevent your hair from damage. Apply lemon juice, curd or egg in the scalp and hair, which will help rejuvenate, soften and condition the hair. If not, apply herbal hair pack such as henna paste or amla and shikakai paste.

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5. Wash with Mild Natural Shampoo:

Finally, it’s time to wash your hair. Ensure that you do not wash it immediately after playing with colours and also, you have applied natural hair pack to your hair. Rinse thoroughly, until it washes away all the dry colours from hair and then wash it with mild natural shampoo.

Not only hair care, but it’s also essential to take care of your skin. For a healthy and safe holi, prefer organic colors to play this festival environment-friendly. In case, if you want to know how prepare organic colors for holi, please read through our 9 DIY Tips for Preparing Organic Holi Colors.

Hair Care Tips for Holi Festival

Happy Holi

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