Tips for Holi Entertainment Activities

Tips for Holi 2015 Entertainment Activities

Creative Holi 2015 Entertainment Activities and Games to Make this festival, unforgettable for patrons

The festival of colors and the Holi events are awaited throughout the year. Chiliad of people come together, dressed in white to soak sundry color of joy, happiness and merriment and to enjoy the festival with dance, music and entertaining games and activities. Holi festival has become the most popular festival in cities all across the globe, which brings this memorable experiences to lives.

Holi events need to be the most entertaining celebration for patrons. If you are planning to host a Holi event in your city, make sure that everything has been arranged in such a way that people will talk about it until another season. People consider for the most entertaining activities for them and games for their kids in any Holi events to celebrate and make memories.

holi colours
Holi Celebration Ideas

Choose a venue, which can fit your requirements and throw an unforgettable party for Holi Festival in your town. We brought to you some of the most unique and interesting Tips for Holi 2015 Entertainment Activities that you can schedule for your event.

Holi 2015 Entertainment Activities For Adults and Kids:

1. Water Walk/ Water Roller :

In the recent, the Water walk is in the public limelight. Especially, kids love to walk the ball in the water, and when it’s the festival of holi, guests will surely enjoy the water walk/ water roller to celebrate the occasion with their family.

Holi 2015 Entertainment Activities
Water Walk/ Water Roller

2. Archery :

To shoot arrows on the balloons is rare and awesome. Hanging balloons filled with plain water or color water will certainly add more entertainment to do archery activity.

holi pictures

3. Paintball Fight :

The idea is to make guests happy and entertained by playing such games. Fighting with paintball needs strategy. And playing with paintballs on the occasion of holi is itself makes it a thrilling celebration of colors.

holi activities
Paintball Fight

4. Balloon Shooter :

This game is suitable for all ages. From small kids to senior old people, everyone enjoy playing Balloon shoot like an innocent child. This is a very favourite game to play in melas. You must have noticed, people flock to the Balloon shooting  areas in such melas. So, Balloon Shooter game would be a great activity to include in Holi events.

pictures of holi
Balloon Shooter

5. Rain Dance :

The festival of colors is incomplete without dancing graciously on holi songs. If you are choosing a venue that has rain dance facility or you are arranging it yourself, then it’s awesome. And, if possible try for organic colour rain dance to make the activity more effective.

holi celebration
Rain Dance

6. Dandiya Dance :

A fabulous idea to bringing in the spirit of Holi, this would be a special celebration for people to dance around in the party. However, this festival is customarily celebrated by dancing on holi songs and playing with colors. But, by playing DJ Dandiya music can be even more exciting, on which people would enjoy spinning to the feet-tapping music all day long.

holi pics
Dandiya Dance

7. Mehendi/Tattoo/Food & Bhang Stalls:

These kind of stalls would make your party, more effective and great way to encourage your guests to celebrate this occasion with full of energy and gusto.  So, incorporate this stalls in the venue and make the holi party unforgettable.

holi celebration ideas
Stalls to Entertain Guests

8. Carnival cum Mela:

A family-oriented activity, which anyone would enjoy.  Carnival setting on holi festival is like a vibe of bollywood movie. A set of mela, death well (Maut Ka Kuan), circuses, roller coaster, brightly colored ferris wheel, etc., are really interesting to make the festival fun-filled. This activity is rare to find in any Holi festival. So, carnival will definitely make your event unique and remarkable.

indian festival holi
Carnival cum Mela

9. Pani Puri Eating Contest : 

The competition will be how many can one finish in five or ten minutes. It will be fun and relishing for guests in Holi events. Now-a-days, Vodka Pani Puri has become popular and well-liked among people in all kind of events, so you can conduct Vodka Pani Puri contest in your event.

holi india 2015 Holi 2015 Entertainment Activities
Pani Puri Eating Contest

10. Mud Pool :

The most natural and organic way to celebrate holi is in mud pools, as it is great for skin. Mud makes softer and gives youthful looking skin. Mud pools in holi party is another excellent and unique way to keep guests entertained.

holi hai
Mud Pool

So, here is your list of a few amazing Tips for Holi Entertainment Activities. Host and organize this year’s Holi celebration in your city in the most unique and organic way, and let people enjoy from the core of their heart.

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