Colors Holi Bash 2015

Colors Holi Bash 2015 at Keys Hotel Bangalore:

Let the colors of joy and happiness fill your life as the season of spring sets in and brings unbound joy. The deep meaning of Holi and the origin of the festival is connected to different Indian legends and has numerous symbolic messages. The focus of which may vary basing on the part of the country where the festival is being celebrated.

Holi Party in Bangalore

The most popular tales of Holi, points to the legends of a pure-hearted devotee, Prahlad who underwent many trials to maintain his faith as well as the burning of carnal desires by Shiva to reach a higher level of love.

However, in the present day world, the celebrations of Holi does not allude to any historic or cultural significance and people celebrate the occasion as an opportunity to come together with their family and friends and break away from the monotony of everyday life.

Holi Bash in Bangalore

There is also an increasing trend of organizing parties for everyone to attend by booking tickets for the Holi party. One such amazing party that is all set to take place in Bangalore is the Colors Holi Bash, which would take place at the Keys Hotel in Bangalore.

Colors Holi Bash 2015 would offer an ambience that would give people an opportunity to enjoy the festival of colors with their family and friends while dancing to the beats of some hip and happening music played by some of the finest DJs in town.

Colors is Bangalore’s only Bollywood and House music Holi Celebration that would put together the best DJ’s to enhance the experience of the festival of colors. Some of the artistes playing at the Holi Party venue would be DJ Sudath, Esha, Sasha, Rohit, Rohan Kapoor and Mirganna (Russia).

Colors Holi Bash 2015 at Keys Hotel Bangalore

Well it is not just about DJ music and the organizers are organizing many other entertainment options like a special program by Russian Belly Dancers, Color Cannon Machines, Rain Dance set up, Dhol Performance, etc.

So, come and soak in the colors of joy and happiness and celebrate the festival of colors like never before.

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    • Sindhuja Iyer

      Hi Vipul,

      The Colors Holi Bash 2015 at Keys Hotel Bangalore would use only organic colors. There would be no wet colors.

  1. Hi I am from north, and currently in bangalore this is the first time i am celebrating Holi in South, I’ve seen lot of events that are taking place in Bangalore, Not sure how would this be different from those event. Only point is i don’t want to waste an ocassion wherein there is less crowd, not planned well or anything of that sort. It would really help if you could answer below questions
    – How big is the event – How many people are we expecting
    – What will be drinks menu(please also mention if there is serving timeframe/window)
    – As i am Single M, not sure what kind of crowd are we expecting as this is my main worry.
    – I am looking for a fun filled event with loads of fun and good people around, just need a peace of mind for fullfillment.

    I know i’ve loads of questions, if you could answer it would help a big deal for me to finally decide and close on deal.


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