Sensation of Love

Sensation of Love

Sensation of Love Valentine’s Day Party at Candy Club, Chennai:

Why limit celebrating love to just one day when you can do so for the whole year is one popular argument that arises on every Valentine’s Day. However, we would all agree that it is not possible for us to make our beloved feel special every day the way we want to. Which is why we advise you to make this February 14, Valentine’s Day, special to your Valentine by taking some time out to do something nice for the love of your life.

Valentine's Day Party

All those love birds struck by cupid’s arrow might be in search of an abode to flock to this Valentine’s Day and if you are in Chennai we have a suggestion to make. Take your valentine to the Sensation of Love A Valentine’s Day Party at Candy Club, Chennai, which is the hottest Valentine’s Day Party.

Sensation of Love would feature Female DJ Varsha – All the Way From Kolkata, who would join DJ Hussy (Bollytronic), to spin the most grooviest music. As you immerse yourself in the music, spinning and dancing, Ðj Ramuk Prk would provide a treat to your eyes with the best visuals.

Valentine's Day Party in Chennai

Hearts and flowers, hugs and kisses if that’s what your Valentine’s Day has been about all these years, here is a new element that you need to add to the celebrations, i.e., the most incredible and happening party in town.

Don’t be tardy or you would miss this spectacular party at the Candy Club on the Valentine’s Day, which is being organized by the Voodoo Entertainment.

Valentine’s Day

What more? The party is not just for the love lost souls, it is open even for all the single and ready to mingle people out there. Hurry register now for the Sensation of Love A Valentine’s Day Party at Candy Club, Chennai and find your significant other on the day of love.


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