Indian Ocean Live Concert in Mumbai

Indian Ocean Live Concert @K . J.Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research

Indian Ocean Live Concert in Mumbai at K.J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research on February 13

February is the month of love, music and celebration. Love is in the air, love is in the music, love is everywhere this month, especially this Valentine’s week is crammed with roses and proposals, chocolates and promises, teddies, hugs and kisses. So, what are you planning to make this week special for your valentine.

Live Concert in Mumbai tickets for this Valentine's Day

Make this Valentine’s Day Special

Whether you are young or not so young, single or coupled up, it doesn’t really matter, because there is an excellent plan for you, which says its time to dress up and put your dancing shoes on to celebrate the eve of Valentine’s Day. Dance your heart out at the Indian Ocean Live Concert in Mumbai on February 13, 2015.

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Indian Ocean Band

Indian Ocean Live Concert in Mumbai would take place at the Melange of K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, which would start at 7 p.m., and would continue until 10 p.m. Get down and party at this fantastic Live Concert in Mumbai, where you would get to experience the high voltage performances by the legends of contemporary classical and rock fusion.

About Indian Ocean:

The creation of Indian Ocean is really impressive that would definitely interest you to attend this fusion live concert in Mumbai. It’s been years and years before, when Susmit met Asheem during a concert back in 1984. Susmit, a guitarist, who was a fan of Niharika – a Bengali band Asheem played tabla for. With a vision to evolve a new and unique sound, Asheem was taken up by Susmit. Susmit, in turn, learnt the nuances of rhythm from Asheem – not the basic 4/4 beat, but the mysteries of chhand, jhonk and taal.

Afterwards, they both started performing duo for the next three years with no vocals anywhere in sight, Susmit on guitar and Asheem on drums and tabla. They performed the most memorable debut concert in Roorkee. In order to raise money for a demo recording of their band, Susmit sold his electric guitar in 1990.

With the name Indian Ocean, Shaleen Sharma on drums, and Indrajit Dutta and Anirban Roy on bass, they recorded the demo, taping an incredible 45 minutes and 7 songs in 1 day. The quality of the rushed recording demo tape was really majestic, which impressed HMV enough to offer them an album deal. Then the duo of Indian Ocean recorded an original album in Calcutta, which took a year to get released. And, at that time, Indian Ocean made the highest selling record by any Indian band ever by selling 40,000 copies.

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Indian Ocean’s Duo Performance

Although, they went through many ups and downs to strengthen the band. A schoolmate of Susmit called as Rahul Rama joined the band, drummer Shaleen left the band and Amit Kalim took his place, Times Music signed on Indian Ocean in 1998, there concerts went on to abroad, the band was nominated as MTV’s Artists of the Month, won the AVMax Award for the best produced album of 2003 and much more achievements made them globally popular.

In 2009, the band lost one of their founder member, Asheem through a massive heart attack. However, the band continues to compose music and perform in concerts, hoping to continue making good music! And, this is how, the fusion of guitar and tabla became the India’s leading global band to perform fusion live concerts across the globe.


indian ocean band

Amit Kilam Joined the Band (Left-hand side)

How many Valentine’s day would you go for such schmaltzy dinner dates and eating-out with friends. Party and dance your heart out on this special occasion at the KJ SIMSR campus in Mumbai. Who knows, you may get your partner at the concert to celebrate with, this Valentine’s Day. Hurry and register now for the Indian Ocean Live Concert in Mumbai.

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