Au revoir, Hyderabad Literary Festival 2015

Hyderabad Literary Festival 2015 held from January 23 to 26

Author : Padmaja Pullabhatla

When noted poet Javed Akhtar was asked what’s his inspiration and how does he go on about his writing, audience at the Hyderabad Literary Festival 2015 were waiting with bated breath if he would say tea, coffee, smoke or a ,certain elixir’.  But the man with great alacrity said that his only inspiration was deadlines.

Hyderabad Literary Festival 2015
Javed Akhtar at Hyderabad Literary Festival

Akhtar says he can write anywhere in the world, in any situation to meet the deadlines. That’s precisely the success mantra of the man with many an accomplishments who shared the treasure of his wisdom with literature lovers on the sprawling grounds of Hyderabad Public School, the alma mater of the likes of Satya Nadella, the boss of Microsoft Inc.

This is my room with lot of windows: some I know, some I don’t know do exist, and some I am afraid to open for the uncertainty of the unknown beyond them.

#HLF2015 knocked at a few of these windows and made me pry open them. And, there entered the rays in the form of new ideas, new thoughts, new insights and knowledge. I could get more view of the world outside these windows, beyond the horizons. It was beautiful and more light entered my room and I did dance with joy to find the room brighter and colourful.

festivals january 2015
Celebration for different art forms

HLF 2015 was just not a festival of literature but also a celebration for different art forms — from theatre workshops, movies, different forms of dance, writings, book publication, poetry, cultures, relationships, paintings, architecture, story-telling, documentaries and so on. The LitFest HLF 2015 made us go beyond and see, learn, unlearn, relearn and understand about different aspects.

The Literary Festival gave us an opportunity to meet and exchange views with famous authors, film makers, architects, dancers, theatre personalities and many other dignitaries.

festival 2015 india
Literary Festival

I am still in the hangover of the literary splendour of last three days. It was, indeed, a festival.

On the day one, 10:00 am: The venue was jam-packed to listen to  Javed Akhtar. The festival got off to a wonderful start with beautiful poetry recital from his new book. He then did talk about his various works, his views on poetry and arts and did meet many people personally and gave autographs.

festivals in january 2015
Hyderabad Literary Festival 2015

Day3, 10:00 am; the venue was again packed to see and listen to Mahesh Bhatt and Leela Samson. They did discuss movies, the culture and the censorship. A lot of questions Leela had to field on the latest flicks, PK and Messenger of God, which she handled with professional dexterity.

The only disappointment was last moment cancellation of Arun Shourie’s session. Leela Samson took this session and made it quite interesting. So no complaints.

Three powerful evening performances on all the days – Theatre performance by Tom Alter based on life and works of Sahir Ludhianvi almost got me into tears of joy; Kathak performance by Mangala Bhatt and beautiful Rekhti recitation by Jameela Nishat were indeed spellbinding and the last day’s last performance — the grand finale — almost got me goosebumps with the strong performance by Parnab Mukherjee on Hind Swaraj.

writers festivals
Open-air Venue at Hyderabad Public School

We couldn’t ask for more. HPS, the best venue to celebrate this festival, was indeed sprawling and the decorative lighting in the nights of the main structure was breathtaking. The red carpet welcome and the well=-conducted and well-informed volunteers at every corner, ready to help visitors with anything, were just awesome.
A lot of sweet memories to cherish. Au revoir !!!


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