New Approach to Set New Years Resolution to Stick

Personality Development New Years Resolution Ideas for 2015

Personality Development New Years Resolution Ideas for 2015

“We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden” – Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

A Very Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone! Now that the New Year has begun, you must be planning to change, renew and revive your habits for making New Year’s Resolutions. And, also you must be looking for different New Year Resolution Ideas! So what are you planning to do this year?

New Years Resolution for a fresh start in 2015

New Year Resolution Ideas

Making and breaking of New Year’s Resolutions are popular every year. Well, changing of the year offers various opportunities that could reflect on your personal and professional achievements. Personality development is one among them to start with. If you are choosing this as your resolution, then here you go. We brought you four excellent Personality Development workshops and seminars from across the country to narrow down your search for New Years Resolution.

Workshop on How to Dress as Per Body Shape – for Women – Hyderabad

New Year Resolution Ideas- Personality Development
Workshop on How to Dress as Per Body Shape – for Women

Workshop on how to dress as per body shape is a great opportunity for all the women to start with. Doesn’t it sound interesting? Then, hurry and head to The Lime Hotel at Jayabheri Enclave now, as it ends on January 25. The workshop is on. It enables you to discover your own body shape at this workshop, where you can identify your style that suits you in Indian and Western. Attend this unique workshop and learn the techniques to highlight your best features for an impressive appearance. The workshop would also provide lunch and hi-tea to treat you in the New Year.

Essence of Public Speaking ( Fear to Faith) – Bangalore

Do you think that you are afraid of public speaking? If yes, did you ever try to overcome it? If no, then think no further and make this new resolution to deal with your nervousness, anxiety and fear. Head to Ramada Encore at Domlur on January 10, 2015 to attend the workshop on Essence of Public Speaking (Fear to Faith) in Bangalore.

Deal with your Public Speaking nervousness as New Years Resolution
Essence of Public Speaking ( Fear to Faith)

The Image Management Seminar – Pune

We have all heard this popular phrase that “You have only one chance to make a first impression” especially in connection with job interviews and meeting new people. What impression are you giving, when you are going for an interview or meeting new people? Are you doing it right? If you want to learn the power of personal appearance, then attend The Image Management Seminar on January 18, 2015, which is taking place at Hotel Shree Panchatantra in Pune.

 The Image Management Seminar New Years Resolution
The Image Management Seminar

9×5 Image Management Programs – Pune

Do you want to change your image inside out? I don’t make a very good first impression, when I meet someone new. I am typically nervous, but I am really great at work, if these are all the things you think you are then attend 9×5 Image Management Programs (nine programs of five sessions each) in Pune. It is an excellent seminar on personality development taking place in Studio ACE Impression 6 Ghanshyam Park from January 8 – March 31, 2015, which will make you confident on your appearance, communication and etiquette and help you project the right image for the right occasion.

Personality Development Programs

9×5 Image Management Programs

Millions of people make New Years Resolution to stick on, but a few can make it. If you want to stick to your resolution, then choose one of our listing New Year Resolution Ideas from above and register now. Please visit the registration page by clicking on the images.

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