Goa Love NYE 2017 at Nyex Beach Club

new year eve 2017

Goa Love NYE 2017 at Nyex Beach Club

Author : Lavanya

Dreamy eyes, sand between your toes and some soul-stirring music. Good enough to take you to a different level and leave you in a state of trance. Those who are high on life, can give liquor companies a run for their company. And, Goa is one such place that takes your spirits rocket high even with its mere mention.Goa Love NYE 2017 at Nyex Beach Club is the best in Goa with beach waters silently reminding you of the things that will never change, the setting sun of 2017 recaps every dusk and then dawn, and every single heart that beats to be young as ever. So, who all are there to sweep you off your feet?

NYE 2017 at Nyex Beach Club

Inevitably, the best New Year’s Eve party in India ever will be hosted in the small dreamy place called Goa.

Goa knows it all when it comes to partying. And when we associate a name like 9bar, we know nothing can go wrong. A paradise for party lovers is transforming itself into a palace for this New Year 2017 party in Goa.

We will let you into one of our best kept secrets. There are canopied NYE 2017 at this amazing location under the starlit sky. That is not the secret as yet. You might actually bump into one of the top models or even Bollywood actors if you plan your New Year 2017 Party here! Yes, and you can update your social networking site of an image of yours hip-shaking with your favourite celebrity! That sounds like some party, doesn’t it?

Goa Love NYE 2017 at Nyex Beach Club

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