The Image Management Seminar in Pune

The Image Management Seminar in Pune

The Image Management Seminar in Pune on December 6, 2014:

Hold all yours aces and you are sure to make it to the top. What are the aces? Not just as popular as the ones mentioned in this idiom. ACE is defined as Appearance, Communication and Etiquette. Precisely, these qualities transform a person into a rounded personality.

When and where?

Certified Image Consultants Renuka Tandon and Prachi Mishra are conducting two sessions on i) Training in Image Management and the Power of Personal Appearance; ii) Introducing the Image Management 9-workshops program between 5 pm and 7 pm on December 6 at Residency Club, Queens Road, Pune.The last one hour between 7 pm and 8 pm will be earmarked for networking with peers and experts.

Image build-up and makeover

The Image Management Seminar in Pune
Face is the index of a man, they say. But as times passed by, the complete appearance of a man or a woman have become all too important. You need to impress. Who? Not just everyone and anyone.

The Image Management Seminar in Pune
If you are gifted with an imposing physique and natural beauty, you are just lucky. But a physical makeover can add up to your image a lot and you may end up drawing the attention of those around, especially your targets — be it your date, interviewer, bride or groom, boss, colleague of opposite gender, business source and/or a movie director.

Every movement counts:

Chances are your pleasant personality, the spark in your smile, the glint in your eyes, your shining clean shaven face, your confident airs, your firm handshake, the gentle fragrance of your perfume, your polished shoe, the language you use and the words you choose would perch you on the victory stand.

The Image Management Seminar in Pune
Your body language, gestures, use of cutlery over a business lunch with your guests on the table, the way you sit, your objectives, capability of translating thoughts into words and the confidence you ooze while explaining how you transformed your words into deeds would all be punctuated and dealt with at the training sessions.

Image influencers:

The image you present about yourself by your very appearance does influence the people’s perception about you, your intelligence and most of all, your trustworthiness.

The Image Management Seminar
Your personal image is essentially intertwined with your professional competency. While more often than not it is the personal image that casts its influence on the professional personality known to the world, there may be occasions when the professional persona is not the alter ego of the personal profile. On both occasions, the personality trainers and image specialists would examine to let you carry what you should that reflects even on your organisation’s corporate image.

Quality and skill:

Your leadership ability, your strength to take negatives in stride, your positive thought process, and your negotiation skill would all be overhauled at the training session, as you would be made to understand what is that you are lagging and what do you have in abundance.

The Image Management Seminar in Pune

Last but not the least, you would be made to know if you are making noise while sipping a soup or coffee, and where are you staring at the opposite person, the dos and don’ts would all be covered in the training. Aside from that, the image management must be authentic and also affordable, apart from being appropriate and attractive.

Go, register and reserve your slot for a complete image makeover or at least to understand the tricks of the trade.

A Saye Sekhar

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