Kaizen Robotics Program

Kaizen Robotics Program in Chennai

Kaizen Robotics Program in Chennai

Author : A Saye Sekhar

Hey! Are you interested in robotics? Want to hone your knowledge and skill in this realm of technology. Look no further. Head straight to IIT Madras Research Park on December 8. Pay Rs. 1,500 now to reserve your seat and the rest of Rs. 5,000 when you get there.

Kaizen Robotics Program

Kaizen Robotics Program

Kaizen Robotics Program is being conducted by Lema Labs, a tech unit incubated at IIT Madras and is patronised by its alumni, is all set to implant the knowledge in you.

You just have to switch yourself on to the program. The rest is taken care by Kaizen Robotics Program like a robot itself. The land of Rajinikanth, the ethereal robot chitti, and its maker Vasheekar in Endhiran is all set to enrich you with knowledge and enthral you with entertainment through technology.

Kaizen Robotics Program

What all you have to do? Just nothing. Pay and learn.
Form into teams of three, only to come out as a trinity of knowledge after the training. You will be thorough professional after the course. Carry your lappy (laptop). Don’t forget.

The kits to make a robot, all the required material, knowledge, booklets, software and online tutorials are all at your beck and call.

At least 81 per cent of your predecessors rated it as super fun. They had lots of fun during the session. How can knowledge acquisition be fun? It is indeed. Try this.

Kaizen Robotics Program

And, what’s more, you don’t need to have any knowledge whatsoever on this, prior to the training. After the training, you are self-sufficient to surge ahead.

What’s taught here?

  • Basics of Robotics
  • Micro-controller Programming
  • Line Follower Robot
  • Obstacle Avoidance Robot
  • Table Top Robot
  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
  • PWM based robots
  • Analog to Digital Conversion
  • Interfacing Analog sensors
  • Speed Controlled Robot
  • Direction Controlled Robot

Takeaways: Huh! They are way too many. The trainers don’t wash off their hands at the end of the session. They do handhold you. Give hangout sessions, hangout seminars, personal meetings for your pursuit of hobby or research, participation in contests. And, hold on. They are there for you in helping to secure project funding and project development. There five classes on five days, beginning December 8, and the last day would be a competition.

Kaizen Robotics Program Before embarking on the project, you also must know about Lema Labs.

Thinking about Lema Labs is itself a wellspring of impulse. A gathering of young people, outfitted with degrees from first rate instructive foundations in the nation, propelled the activity. Lema Labs is an organization by graduated class of IIT and it lives up to expectations under the direction of famous teachers of the IIT-Madras.

All things considered, Lema Labs, which takes a shot at developing innovations and apply autonomy, lives up to expectations with an undying soul to create a biological system by cobbling up the qualities of scholastics, understudies, instructive foundations and industry.

Kaizen Robotics Program

Kaizen Robotics Program

Getting a sign from its center capacity, Lema Labs likewise offers preparing projects for experts to help them distinguish their vocations separated from offering courses in high innovations in mechanical technology.

On the off chance that your advantage lies in living up to expectations with an innovation startup, Lema Labs has the arrangements that you can tailor-make for yourself.

The session opens up new vistas in the perspective of the innovation graduates and empowers them to extend their points of view by spreading out the various streets on the specialized job openings, the ability sets and exertion you have to make to thump off these open doors.

Kaizen Robotics Program

The session tosses light on Kaizen Careers which is a Lema Labs activity on Robotics.

An industry evaluation pegged mechanical technology and implanted frameworks would be USD 15- billion industry inside India. The courses enable the understudies and associations for their vocation development through Kaizen Careers.

A Saye Sekhar

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