IVU World Veg Fest in Chennai

IVU World Veg Fest in Chennai

IVU World Veg Fest in Chennai, the raw food miracle endeavours to get freedom from diseases through NON-VIOLENT food

Author : Preeti Sahu

Sprouting in India, the 42nd International Vegetarian Union (IVU)  World Vegfest, a vegan festival is taking place in Chennai on November 29 and 30, 2014 at Vivekananda Auditorium, Anna University. This Vegfest will wow you with delicious vegetarian food exhibits, live cookery demonstrations and contests. Plenary sessions, workshops and key-note addresses by globally renowned culinary experts too are the highlights of this fest.

IVU World Veg Fest in Chennai
IVU World Veg Fest in Chennai

Earlier, the IVU World Vegfest was scheduled to be held at Ghana but got cancelled due to Ebola outbreak there. Now, the fest will take place in Dubai and India. IVU World Veg Fest seeks for the freedom from diseases through non-violent food, and this fest is vibrant, fun, interesting, informative and approachable.

IVU World Veg Fest in Chennai
IVU World Veg Fest in Chennai

IVU World Vegfest is an annual affair, which are being rotated between the six regions i.e., Asia Pacific, Middle East and India, Africa, South America, Europe and North America. IVU World Vegfest celebrates the many benefits to create a healthy and harmonious life by plant based diet, showcasing debates, discussions and interaction to  eminent speakers from across the globe. It is an advantage and an opportunity for the local health professionals, researchers, students as well as the public to advance their knowledge in plant-based lifestyle.

IVU World Veg Fest in Chennai
Plant-Based Lifestyle

About IVU or International Vegetarian Union:

International Vegetarian Union, a global network of independent non-profit organizations, which are promoting vegetarianism worldwide. IVU is present in nearly 120 countries worldwide and publishes journals and conducts events regularly around the world. The founders of IVU were associated with Mahatma Gandhi through the London vegetarian society when Mahatma Gandhi was in London. Mr. Surendra Mehta of India was twice the President of IVU. Mrs. Rukmani Arundale was the president of IVU for several years. Present chair is Ms. Marly Winckler, Brazil.

IVU World Veg Fest in Chennai
International Vegetarian Union
Go Vegan with IVU at World Veg Fest in Chennai. Here are some highlights that you would experience at the event.
  • Delegates and Speakers from many countries.
  • Two days of talks, debates and discussions.
  • Different halls for programs in English and Tamil.
  • Tamil scriptures and saints have emphasised jeevakarunya or comparison towards all beings. Tamil participates will participate through panel discussions, lectures and debates.
IVU World Veg Fest in Chennai
Plant-Based Diet Cookery at IVU World Veg Fest in Chennai
  • Non-violent food cookery contest.
  • Continuous cookery demonstration.
  • Exhibition of various food items and information.
  • Sumptuous and tasty vegan spread.
  • Felicitation of people who have made a significant contribution to the vegetarian movement.
  • Starting of local chapters by participants.

Do you want to get involved in this plant-diet lifestyle? So, hurry and register now to experience the raw food miracle! To know more about the IVU World Veg Fest in Chennai please visit www.meraevents.com.

Preeti Sahu

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